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Wearable UV Sensors with Active Ink

Professor Vipul Bansal and his research team from the RMIT made a major advance in the field of monitoring UV rays. By developing a special active ink, they were able to build wearable sensors, displaying the wearer’s sun exposure and therefore helps to protect the skin from damage.

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Best of 2020 – A Year in Print

2020 has no doubt been a challenging year for us all. Looking back on these past twelve months though, we are happy to see all the interesting advances and exciting innovations made in the print industry nonetheless!

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Future Links November 21st 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature the benefits of 3D printing in product development, Cambrian Genomics new financing round, the 13th stop of the Image to Print roadshow, the industry’s preparation for new EU packaging regulations, new business models for digital textile printing, a report about the global screen printing machine industry and a new ink that changes colors when the humidity changes.

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Future Links CW 5: Printed Electronics Edition


Printed electronics and functional printing are booming. This is why our weekly future links are all about current developments in this sector. We featured a new centre for printed electronics in Durham, a new 3D-printed series of multi-layered rigid PCBs with flexible conductive connectors, lightweight flexible solar modules and a review of flexible and printed electronics in 2016.

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Where printed electronics meet the world of fashion

A lot has been written about functional clothing with integrated printed electronics yet not too many shorts or shirts with sensors have appeared on the shelves of sporting goods stores. The Canadian-based AIA Labs/Myant is trying to change that. The company puts electronics and textile design, development and production under one roof, thus ensuring that all parts of the process are working together toward the desired solution.

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