How to: Saving Resources in a Software Company

Some printing industry sectors face greater challenges in saving resources than others. Software companies, for example, are part of this. In its Circular Competence series, the VDMA has shed light on how inspection systems can help in this endeavour and why that's important for customers, too. 

Macht euch bereit für den touchpoint packaging auf der #drupa2024: Interview mit Claudia Josephs von epda

Auf zukunftsorientierte Verpackungs- und Druckinnovationen! Ende November 2022 wurde das Konzept der drupa 2024 touchpoint packaging auf der Informationsveranstaltung vorgestellt. Noch ein Jahr, doch die Vorbereitungen für die touchpoint packaging Plattform auf der drupa 2024 laufen auf Hochtouren. Claudia Josephs von der European Brand and Packaging Design Association (epda), unserer Partnerorganisation, beantwortet in einem exklusiven Interview alle Fragen rund um die Verpackungsinitiative.  

Get Ready for touchpoint packaging at #drupa2024: Interview with Claudia Josephs from epda

For tomorrow’s packaging design and print: The concept of drupa 2024 touchpoint packaging was introduced at an informative event at the end of November 2022. One more year to go yet the preparations for the touchpoint packaging platform at drupa 2024 are in full swing. Claudia Josephs from European Brand and Packaging Design Association (epda), our partnering organization, answers all questions related to the packaging initiative in an exclusive interview. 

The Print and Paper Industries in The Face of Supply Chain Challenges

The printing segment has always been coping with supply chain pressures. With energy prices now skyrocketing, the industry is facing a new challenge. The shortage of paper in Europe has caused mill shutdowns and curtailments and some businesses are even on the verge of closing. How is the sector grappling with the energy crisis and other industry challenges? 

Three Print Industry Focus Points 2023

In 2023, the print industry will remain affected by the impact of supply chain disruption, the energy crisis and general economic uncertainty. That is why it is even more important to focus resources on the development of certain branches of the print industry, that in return will help save resources in the future and simplify processes as well. Find out which 3 big topics the print industry should focus on and why right here!