5 inspiring beverage packaging ideas

With millions of different brands on the market, product packaging has to stick out on the shelf. Here are five stunning examples from the beverage industry to inspire your creativity.

Innovative packages are fun for customers and can be crucial for product sales. With millions of different brands on the market, products have to stick out on the shelf. We looked up five stunning examples for the beverage industry, which could boost the creativity for your next packaging project.

Bottle and glass combined

Imagine you are hanging out in the park, enjoying nature and feeling like a nice glass of wine would perfectly accompany the moment. With Bottlass, a mix of bottle, glass and can, you don’t have to do without that. The jar can be transformed into a wine, beer, champaign or any other kind of glass in one step.

Coca-Cola second life

What if Coca-Cola bottles had a second life and did not just end up in the bin? Of course, the idea of recycling plastic isn’t new. But these innovative caps gave the empty bottles a new purpose right away and turned them into soap dispensers, water sprayers, soap bubble toys and other useful things.


Spine Vodka & Johannes Schulz

If you drink a Spine Vodka, you will definitely have known before that it will go down your spine. Johannes Schulz decided to take the brand more literally and created a bottle containing a spine with the ribcage. The packaging is nominated for the German Design Award 2015.


Austin Beerworks & Helms Workshop

For their first beer “Peacemaker Anytime Ale” the craft brewery Austin Beerworks and the strategic brand design studio Helms Workshop had an incredible idea: Why not sell the new beer in 99-packs instead of a sixpack? The innovative package created a lot of buzz by people reporting how they transported the cumbersome package home.


Shades of beer

Spanish agency Txaber had another creative beer packaging idea. But this time it wasn’t about being bold and showy to catch the attention. The designer matched brew types with their Pantone hues to colour the cans and created packaging that sticks out for being very elegant and classy.

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