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Making Print Advertisements to Interactive Experiences

With the increasing rise of advertising channels, marketers have to carefully consider where and how to promote their products or services. Another challenge is the distraction triggered by permanent media consumption. But the clever combination of different channels is able to turn this into an advantage. The following overview presents two ways of making print advertisements to interactive experiences and gathered some examples illustrating how to engage readers.

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Extreme Realistic Printed 3D Holograms

3D holograms

A research team from the French company Ultimate Holography developed an innovative printing technique to make 2D images appear as 3D holograms. The new technology comes with a large dynamic range and high-quality colors and some more advantages over common hologram techniques.

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Future Links CW 8 – Multichannel Edition

Omnichannel, multichannel, virtual and augmented reality – these terms become more and more important within a brand’s marketing strategy. This is why our weekly future links focus on developments in these areas – be it short-form shows for Snapchat and the Discover platform, Walmart’s omnichannel presence, Chick-fil-A’s new advertising campaign, an augmented reality effect for Facebook Stories or Lightvert’s ECHO technology.

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Future Links CW 36

future links CW 36

Here are our weekly links with the most important news from the printing industry. This week they feature the new invisible conductive ink technology by DNP, Hibiscus’ Hibsoft Compact Labelling Station, Optomec’s 3D printing breakthrough, two ways for sustainability in the flexible packaging market, and an opinion on the importance of live events for the printing industry.

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Packaging design software aims to reduce prototyping

Designing and creating effective packaging solutions is usually a fairly fragmented process with different kinds of software being used at different stages from creation to production. This can lead to inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Often, design flaws only become obvious fairly late in the process. Software maker Creative Edge has now developed a solution that addresses these issues.

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Future Links October 14th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature MOO’s NFC enabled business cards, print advertising for ecommerce, a new mobile industrial 3D printer that can print houses, three ways to avoid customer crises, Canon’s entry into the 3D printing market, a forecast for the global green packaging market and Loyds Banking’s printing contract.

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drupa World Tour starts in September

Things will really start hotting up for the drupa 2016 World Tour in September with a series of presentations, press conferences and trade press interviews in Asia, Europe and the US. Over 40 drupa events of all kinds will take place well into February 2016.

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