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Paper-based battery could power a mobile diagnostic tool

Professor Seokheun Choi at New York’s Binghamton University and his group had been the first scientists to create a paper-based biobattery. When he learned that other researchers were using origami-inspired folding techniques to create stretchable electronics and sensors, he asked himself: “Why not our biobattery?”

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Future Links CW 4: 3D Printing Edition

Here comes a special edition of our weekly future links revolving around the most important news from the 3D printing industry. They feature 3D-printed phone cases working as cancer detectors, adidas' revolution of the shoe manufacturing sector, MIT's development of an undo function for 3D printing, and Titan Robotics’ new 5-print-head 3D printer.

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Future Links CW 2: Green Printing Edition

In this week’s future links you gain fresh insights in the printing industry and its environmental potential with 3DRap's biodegradable desktop 3D printer, Solidus Solutions' tomato fibre-enriched solid board, Ricoh's new digital color production printer series and Domino Printing Sciences' environmental credentials.

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