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The challenges in packaging medical cannabis products

As a new industry, medical marijuana food producers are exploring new terrain in marketing and packaging their products. There are strict legal requirements with different regional laws on the one hand, and the need to educate customers on the other hand. Marjorie Fischer, brand manager at Auntie Dolores, shared her insights and perspectives.

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Research Team from Tufts University Improves Metamaterial-Usage With Inkjet Technology

Symbol image for printed specific electrode patterns for the generation of microwave resonators

A team of engineers of the Boston Tufts University is turning to inkjet printing technology to improve the established use of metamaterials for mobile, communications and medical devices. As they are more amenable to the resolution of common fabrication methods, these changes might even create new options for the development of metamaterials for visible light.

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Period Red – Pantone Creates Awareness for Menstruation

Pantone Period Red

The U.S. Institute Pantone has launched a new shade of red to end the stigma of menstruation. The aim is to break the taboo surrounding menstruation with a color named "Period Red". The development of this shade of red is intended to encourage both women and men to talk openly about the period and related issues of social injustice.

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