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Mimaki and the Future of Digital Textile Printing

Shorter runs, faster cycle times, more customized textile-based products for home and fast fashion – the textile market poses enormous requirements to its players, demanding big-scale printing solutions. With its newly launched Tiger-1800B direct-to-textile printer, printer-and-ink-company Mimaki reacts to these and foresees a bright future for digital textile printing.

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New company masters digital textile printing challenge on wool

With digital textile printing, small and customized print runs are possible at reasonable costs, thus giving designers new opportunities to create unique and memorable pieces. But so far, the method has been used predominantly with relatively smooth fabrics such as cotton, silk, polyester and nylon. Now, Faering in the UK is tackling the next challenge: Printing on wool.

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Printed textiles on demand

Google asked for T-shirts with 11 different printed characters featured in its Androidify campaign. Time to delivery: 2 hours. Garment Printing, an industry leader in personalized and customized clothing, took on the challenge. Their use of digital textile printers reflects a growing trend within the industry.

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