Augmented Reality: What Brands Need to Know

Augmented reality is evolving very fast and because of the smartphones, it is already in everyone’s pocket. In the future, it will be this kind of technology a business can’t miss and brands have to pay attention to some facts.

Augmented Reality What Brands Need to Know

While augmented reality is still in its early stages, the popularity of this technology is rising steadily. There are many promising AR apps, but most developers and brands don’t use the full potential yet. Therefore, best practices were only established gradually and without a real strategy. To be part of a new wave of augmented reality applications, which are well planned and with strategic campaigns, based on business KPIs, brands must keep an eye on these key facts.

Augmented Reality is Everywhere

Today, nearly everyone owns a smartphone. This omnipresence makes it easy to use this technology in so many situations. Additionally, AR more and more becomes available to VR headsets and glasses, adding more potential for usage. Most social media channels like Facebook and Instagram already have AR functions and more are set to come. Thus augmented reality is paving its way into our daily lives and brands have to consider that this trend, can’t be missed by any business.

A Consistent Brand Experience

A must-have to build a convincing experience for customers is to create a homogenous and remarking design at all touchpoints.  Colours, imagery, and typography have to be on point and be part of a strategic corporate design. Through this, it is possible to use augmented reality to develop a brands message in a virtual space and make it touchable for the customers. Additionally, it is important to use authentic and personal content to give the users some kind of “home” feeling and let them fully dive into the virtual world. Whenever and wherever.

A New Form of Communication

Within a virtual space, the way we get, navigate and give information is totally different and will morph furthermore to the demands of the devices on which it is used. Reading text, for instance, is still sometimes a real obstacle in virtual reality. Most fonts are made for a 2D media environment and there’s still a limitation of graphics on current hardware. This very often results in blurry and unreadable text. Solutions for this problem are on their way and brands really have to keep an eye on that because it will be an essential part of good content with a high uniqueness.

Think Outside The Box

Although augmented reality is still in its infancy brands have to look beyond it already in order to use its full potential. As more and more companies create virtual reality content for their brands and products, the border between digital and physical world will be blurred for sure some day. At this point augmented and mixed reality applications will be blended into the real world seamlessly. Brands that haven’t adopted the augmented reality technology just in time, will be left behind when AR takes off to next step.

So what’s your opinion towards augmented reality? A real must have or just a new trend? Leave us a comment in the section below!


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    Thanks for your kind words. Do you have any cool way AR is used today?

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