Christiane Hermann

Next Generation of Packaging: Tetra Pak’s Connected Packaging Platform

Tetra Pak just launched their connected packaging platform which provides shoppers with a vast amount of information on where the product comes from or where to recycle the package and so on. They turn ordinary milk cartons into interactive information channels using code generation, digital printing and data management.

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Future Links December 23rd 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Hoover’s partnership with MakerBot, the power of print at the PSI 2015, Paperlinx efforts to consolidate its international business, screen-printed displays developed by Swedish researchers, MPS’ new branding strategy and electroluminescent film at LOPEC.

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The look ahead

The new year is full of opportunities and will bring its own challenges as well. We asked leaders of the industry from different areas of the printing business about their predictions for 2015. This is the first article in a new series in which business leaders and experts will share their insights about the major trends that will shape the industry leading up to drupa 2016.

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Future Links December 22nd 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers major trends in 3D printing for 2015, top honors for Paarl Media and its joint venture partners, a new filament that shines like gold, Benson Group’s new gift packaging, disposable solar cells printed on paper and the impact of falling oil prices on the plastic packaging industry.

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