Award-Winning Paper Packaging Solutions

With their highly innovative products KeelClip and PaperSeal, the USA-based packaging solutions leader Graphic Packaging International won again important awards for their work. The sustainable packings reduce the use of plastics and are made of renewable resources.


Packaging solutions leader Graphic Packaging International again won an important award.  This time at the Institute of Packaging Professionals’ 2020 AmeriStar Packaging Awards.Their two innovative developments KeelClip and PaperSeal could prevail in the categories Sustainable Packaging, Beverage (Alcoholic) and Food Refrigerated. 

KeelClip – Innovative Beverage Can Clip

KeelClip is an innovative paperboard package, replacing plastic rings and shrink wrap on multipack cans. Furthermore, this easy to carry design minimizes board usage to maximize the visibility of the beverage cans and therefore the customer experience. The paper used is from sustainably managed forests and fully recyclable. 

“It’s a product that was engineered with sustainability in mind. It also serves our customers with more branding options and, even better, it provides their consumers with an improved user experience and a product they can feel good about using,” said GPI’s Executive Vice President and Americas President, Joe Yost.

In Addition to the innovative design and sustainability the package is also the only one of its kind, which is compatible with all sizes and configurations of cans. An aspect that convinced beverage leader Coca Cola to not only work with KeelClip but also to participate and win in the German Packaging Award 2020. 

“Innovative solutions such as KeelClip will help us to achieve our goal of moving from shrink to board for our multipack cans,” said Ralf Peters, vice president procurement, for Coca-Cola European Partners.


With the Paper Seal MAP and Paper Seal VSP, Graphic Packaging International developed in partnership with G. Mondini, world-leaders in tray sealing technology, two innovative, alternative packaging trays for a variety of application possibilities like for cheese, fresh or processed meat, ready-made products, frozen foods, snacks, salad and fruit. The new paperboard versions reduce the usage of plastics by 80-90 percent and the paper Seal itself is produced from renewable fiber sourced from sustainably-managed forests. 

As the trays are supplied flat, they have lower transport emissions and reduced transport and storage costs, compared to common trays. 

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