Bring Your Wine Labels to Life With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an exciting technology that will now give wine lovers a new experience of drinking wine.

Companies have begun to attract the attention of the customers in various ways, because the market is overfilled and you as a company have to stand out. They use colorful and shrill labels to get this. Furthermore we’ve come across all interesting examples for the use of augmented reality in packaging. The Australian wine brand 19 Crimes, for example, collaborates with creative technology company Tactic and J. Walter Thompson SF to bring the wine labels to life with the help of augmented reality. With a special app, the stories of each bottle become real by animating the labels’ photographs and prompting characters to tell the unique stories behind the labels. H1: Augmented Reality Brings New Experiences in Your Wine Cupboard

The app is available for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The augmented und virtual reality agency Tactic und the marketing communications agency J. Walter Thompson SF have cooperated to get the 19 Crimes brand to life. With the app, users can experience the history of the founding of Australia as an English penal colony. Wine lovers, therefore, will not just have the opportunity to taste the delicious wine but will also be emotionally entangled with the product.

The Story on the Bottle

The persona-driven wine brand is inspired by the true tales of British criminals accused of 19 specific crimes, which, starting in the late 1700s, were punishable by “transportation” or relocation to the new penal colony known as Australia. It celebrates the rebellious spirit of the more than 160,000 exiled men and women, the rule breakers and law defying citizens that forged a new culture and national spirit in Australia. Each bottle displays the mugshot of an actual person sentenced to make the treacherous trek to the unknown land. To bring the characters to life, you have to hover a mobile device over the bottles. People like John O’Reilly who recounts finding love after avoiding the hangman’s noose, James Wilson who shares his tale of triumph after a conviction for treason, or Jane Castings who admits to her crimes of thievery, sharing their stories of rule breaking that sent them across the ocean to Australia. By the way, Jane Castings is depicted on the label of 19 Crimes’ first and newly available white wine, Hard Chard. Is it a hazard that the only woman is on the white wine bottle?

Augmented reality is an exciting technology that will give wine lovers a new experience of drinking wine. And not only in this case it is an awesome tool that gives you special experiences with different products. I’m curious about where the exciting expansions of experience will meet me next.

Whose story would you like to see on the label?

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