How Canon Solutions America Inc. Expanded Its Promotion of Young Talent

In order to inspire and teach students who aim for a career in the printing industry, Canon Solutions America has expanded their university inkjet program to Rochester Institute of Technology. Read more to find out details on how the course went and what students say about it.

To promote today’s students and possible future employees and pioneers in the printing industry, Canon Solutions America Inc., a subsidiary completely owned by Canon U.S.A. Inc., has expanded its already successful Inkjet Program, which was first established in 2019 with Clemson University, to Rochester Institute of Technology. It now encompasses a special print curriculum for Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) Typography and Page Design Program and highlights Canon’s commitment to supporting the next generation of content creators. Furthermore, it could provide concepts and ideas for future student programs nationwide. 

Kicking Off The Program With a Scavenger Hunt 

The course curriculum for the program started with a 30 minute virtual scavenger hunt, where students from the Typographic and Page Design program learned first-hand about Canon Solutions America and the Canon corporate philosophy of “kyosei”, which “conveys Canon’s dedication to seeing all people, regardless of culture, customs, language or race, harmoniously living and working together in happiness into the future.”

Furthermore students explored inkjet technology, a wide range of printing devices and workflow automation software. After the scavenger hunt they participated in a virtual tour of the state-of-the-art Canon Americas Customer Innovation Center in Boca Raton, Florida, where they got to see Canon’s inkjet technology in use. A lot of students said it was their first time seeing how production printing operates in real time. 

Offering Students Real-World Experience of The Printing Industry

The program was designed to offer students real-world experience and a deep understanding of today’s industry trends. In order to achieve that goal, they were taught about brand and content marketing and designing for inkjet applications. Another item on the agenda was a question and answer panel, where students could ask the presenters all about their careers, from where they started in the printing industry, to how they got where they are now, general career advice and what companies pay attention to on an applicant’s resume. 

Applicating Their New Skills in a Project 

Students were also given the opportunity to apply the concepts they had learned in a project where they created a booklet to be printed on one of Canon’s inkjet presses. The assignment was to develop a brand for an imaginary high-end company and design a magalog booklet application that shows the company’s products. All of them were thrilled about the opportunity to attend the program and being able to enhance their skills. 

“During the project design process, I was really able to tap into my creative abilities, and my team’s magazine is truly one of the best pieces I have designed. With its beautifully chosen images, the cohesive layout and design, along with our bits of unique shapes and colors, it truly shows each of our design styles. I am beyond honored and thrilled that the Canon judges chose our magazine as the winning design,” said Cecilia Savka, Typography and Page Design student, Rochester Institute of Technology. 

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