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The Box: The Biggest 3D Printer in the World

Big, bigger, The Box! Within the 3D printing industry, experts experiment with extremes such as printing on a nano scale or aim for big solutions. Especially in industrial 3D printing manufacturers are in need of printers, which can print large parts e.g. for trucks. Most industrial 3D printers are already able to print metal or resin, but not accurate when it comes to printing with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). But, in contrast to metal, FMD 3D printing can be scaled up to create big parts. This is what the Swedish startup BLB Industries uses in their The Box 3D printer – one of the biggest 3D printers in the world.

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Fresh Prints Straight Out of the Pocket


Printing in private contexts becomes more and more a second choice. But sometimes you necessarily have to print out your documents mostly on a quite space consuming printer. For all of those who don’t want a big printer, just print every once in a while or people who have to print on the go, there is a new solution: ZUta Labs’ Mini Robotic Printer.

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Will 3D Printing Save Rhinos?


Dealing with all kinds of animal parts is a highly profitable job. Even though no real healing effect has been proven, people today still believe that these things are a powerful magical panaceas. And this ongoing believe pays off for poachers: One kilogram of a complete rhino horn, for instance, brings around $60.000 on the black market. Science and 3D printing technology now have a new answer for poachers and those who want to save the endangered animals. The tech startup Pembient from Seattle has created a new way of tackling the market for rhino horns: They simply fake them.

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