New drupa Song: “We Embrace the Future”

Almost there! Keeping the tradition of the beloved drupa song alive, the first-ever virtual.drupa is also getting its own hit song. Combining live and digital to bring both words together, the song will make its debut during our virtual.drupa event.

We have shown you the teaser to the song, and now we will tell you all about it! There was no one better to rely on to bring the “drupa spirit” to the world wide web than the experienced Düsseldorf-based musician Dieter Falk in collaboration with his son Paul Falk and The Voice of Germany 2017 finalist BB Thomaz, to compose the new drupa song “we embrace the future”. Dieter Falk, who has already composed the drupa song “drupa is in town again” in 2016, has held a place at the top of the German music scene for many years, having won over 50 platinum and gold records with several music projects.One thing is certain: you will find yourself wanting to sing along while this tune is playing. And even if it is not playing, the mixture of the piano with the amazing voice of BB Thomaz makes this song extremely catchy, so you might find yourself humming the melody while clicking through the digital halls of virtual.drupa next week. 

Falk Embrace the Future

Dieter Falk is not only a well-known face for long-time drupa fans, he is also a music professor at the Robert Schumann Academy in Düsseldorf. He won multiple Keyboardist of the Year Awards from Fachblatt magazine, as well as the Pianist of the Year 2012 Award from the German Piano Association. At the age of 61, Dieter Falk has released several CDs that generated huge sales in Germany. Back in 2010, the pianist composed the Borussia Dortmund anniversary hymn, that was able to reach number 80 in the German charts.

In collaboration with librettist Michael Kunze he wrote the pop oratorio “Luther”, which premiered in October 2015 in the Dortmunder Westfalenhalle. “Luther went on tour from February to October 2017 in seven German concert halls with a choir of over 30.000 singers.

A Generation Question

As the son of a successful musician and teacher, Paul Falk was destined to develop a love for music himself: he started playing songs on the piano when he was just 9 years old. In the collaborative oratorio of Dieter Falk and Michael Kunze „Die 10 Gebote“ (The 10 Commandments),  he was the narrator and wrote one of the melodies for a song as well. Having already worked on a few musical projects with his father, the drupa song is one more highlight to add to his rich portfolio. Following in his father’s footsteps, his debut album “1000 Lieder” (1000 songs) was released in 2017, followed by an album in 2018.

The Voice of Print

Dieter Falk and Paul Falk found the perfect voice for the drupa song in Béatrice Thomas alias BB Thomaz. Born in New York, having always had an interest in music, the singer studied Musicology in Munich. During her music career, she was part of several bands like Ladies Live, New City Beats, and StreetLIVE Family. In 2010, she released her first album “Blackbird”. BB Thomaz became well-known to the German audience while competing in the casting show The Voice of Germany four years ago and reached the finale of the show in “Team Yvonne” being coaching by German singer and actress Yvonne Catterfeld. Her two songs “Much More” and “Brand New” were released in 2019. She returned to The Voice of Germany in their tenth season last year and got to the Sing-Off once again.

 A Rich Tradition

The drupa song has a rich tradition with the first song being created back in 1986, by Dave Gibson. Since 2000 there has been a drupa song in every edition of our trade show. It is no wonder that the song is always highly anticipated by the drupa visitors, and they do not have to wait much longer this year.

For the millennium, drupa was accompanied by a new song sung by Lucy Wende. In 2004, visitors and exhibitors received a musical welcome by Elke Diepenbeck, and in 2008 they got welcomed by song from Ladage Media. In 2012 the song “Get Ready to Succeed“ came from Messe Düsseldorf employee Dirk Zeisler and his band Planet Five. And as previously mentioned, the 2016 song “drupa is in town again” was created by this year’s composer Dieter Falk.

We are looking forward to releasing the new drupa song at virtual.drupa next week. Tune in and embrace the future with us!


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