First job portal for 3D-printing specialists

A German start-up launched the first online job-portal to address the millions of new jobs that will most likely be created in the rapidly expanding 3D printing industry.

The 3D printing industry is rapidly expanding and so is the demand for 3D printing and early prototyping experts. Insiders predict that millions of new jobs will be created in the years to come ranging from hardware and software specialists to engineers, service personnel and 3D artists. The start-up 3DPJ based in Düsseldorf, Germany, launched the online job-portal in May 2014 to address this need.

“The industry is growing and innovation is accelerating”, says Christoph Trautmann, founder and CEO of “To be successful in the long run, companies have to develop and manufacture highly professional and innovative products; they will need experienced and highly qualified employees to achieve these goals.” He believes the job portal can add value by connecting qualified job seekers with companies in need of expertise.

3d printing jobs

The job platform is free of charge for job seekers; job listings start at 179€ per ad. In the first four weeks, more than two dozen companies have posted jobs and several said they found well-qualified candidates on the site even though no one has completed the hiring process yet due to the short amount of time since the launch of the site. The portal’s reach is international with job postings from Great Britain, China, Finland, Poland, the United States and Germany, among others. Because some companies are seeking local or regional candidates, there will be an option to filter jobs and candidates geographically once the job listings have reached a certain volume.

Trautmann, who has followed the industry for more than a decade, expects to see more jobs and greater variety in the future but does not want to make any concrete predictions: “Developments that were deemed impossible five years ago have already become reality and I look forward to a future that will surely surprise me again.”


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