Flatbeds with Vacuum Innovation

The Swiss-based joint-stock company swissQprint has developed a flatbed vacuum innovation, which is not only energy-efficient but also enables non-stop printing while being handled with just a fingertip.

The independent joint-stock company swissQprint based in Kriessern (Switzerland) has developed a new technology for better vacuum control at flatbeds. The Tip Switch Vacuum operates selectively and powerfully to boost everyday efficiency. All swissQprint large format flatbed printers now come with this new system.

Easy Control At Your Fingertip

The innovation makes working even easier as you have full fingertip control of the segmented vacuum table. The opening of the up to 256 vacuum channels is super fast and very simple. This eliminates tedious time-consuming masking and taping. Furthermore, there is no air leakage, the vacuum develops its full force and reliably holds down even unruly media.

Two zones, each independently adjustable, make it possible to drive a tandem production. As the media can be loaded onto the printer from both front and rear. The production in tandem becomes non-stop. While one side is printing, the other side can be loaded and vice versa. This eliminates idle time and the series can be printed uninterrupted until complete.

Air Cushioning with Underpressure Controlled Pumps

For handling heavy boards, the output software can regulate the vacuum strength and is able to reverse the thrust. With pumping instead of blowing, the user can thus creates an air cushion on the print bed. This allows the user to move and position heavy boards with little effort and especially without any material damage.

All swissQprint large format printers are ISO 20690:2018 certified for high energy efficiency. They automatically reduce speed once the required negative pressure is developed. Thanks to the underpressure system, the vacuum is also pleasantly quiet.

virtual.drupa Innovations

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