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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers HP’s new product and solutions videos, electronic screens on paper packaging, Dremel’s second-generation classroom 3D printer, 3D printed bioceramics to enter the market soon, VDMA’a pre-drupa event, Innovia’s strengthened focus on film and new on the drupa blog: New ink for full-scale printed electronics production

HP showcases new products in videos
To see new products in action at trade shows and conferences is always exciting. But for those who couldn’t attend HP’s commercial printer launch event, the company produced a series of videos showcasing the new products and solutions. They include HP’s mobile printing solutions and, as a special highlight, the chemistry of printing.
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Scientists put electronic screens on paper-based packaging
The future of packaging is interactive: That is, at least, what researchers at the University of Sheffield are working toward. They have collaborated with technology company Novalia to develop a method to print an electronic screen on packaging to display information. The technology could be used to increase brand awareness and communication with the customer.
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Dremel introduces upgrade to its 3D printer for the classroom
The tool manufacturer Dremel has launched its second-generation 3D printer for the classroom. The Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 features multiple access points to enable simple and complete classroom implementation. Advancements include USB- and Wi-Fi-enabled printing, active filament monitoring, a maintenance-free extruder and assisted levelling. A larger building platform enables greater flexibility in designing and scaling 3D models.
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3D printed bioceramic implants to enter the market soon
The European research project RESTORATION and partner JRI Orthopaedics are developing a 3D printed bioceramic implant that may soon reach the market. The implant is designed to be applied to local defects within the joint, offering immediate stability for arthritis sufferers through only a minimally invasive surgical technique. Coordinated by Newcastle University, RESTORATION has successfully developed three bioceramic materials that can be used in the vertebrae, mandible and knees, respectively.
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VDMA details key points in pre-drupa event
Experts from the VDMA Printing and Paper Technology Association and leaders of the industry were discussing the future of print in a pre-drupa event. The main topics were market analysis, packaging, Print 4.0, and digitization. Some of the opportunities of the future are flexibility in meeting specific customer needs, merging of technologies and functions and cooperation and standardization of interfaces.
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Innovia sells cellophane to focus on films
Innovia Group has reached an agreement to sell its cellophane business and assets to Futamura Chemicals, and will continue to deepen its focus on it films and polymer banknote products going forward. Based in Japan, Futamura Chemicals is a manufacturer of plastic and cellulose films, principally servicing the food packaging industry. The deal is expected to complete on or before June 30. In films, Innovia will continue to focus on and invest in differentiated product development for its core and new markets. In banknotes, Innovia provides a technologically advanced polymer substrate.
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New on the drupa blog: New ink for printed electronics production
Many news stories about printed electronics have focused on breakthroughs in research labs. But the field is advancing from lab to fab, from research to manufacturing. DuPont Advanced Materials is launching a new electronic ink for inkjet printing under the name PE410 that offers the high conductivity and strong adhesion required for rapid digital design, prototyping and full-scale manufacturing.
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