Future Links April 29th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers a 3D printing patent by Xerox, the top 3D printers for the price conscious, Kodak’s new version of its workflow software, MakerBot’s first innovation center in Europe, Tullis Russell’s entry into administration, Henkel’s success with conductive inks and smart tags for tracking and consumer engagement.

Xerox files 3D printing patent
Xerox has made a name for itself in copying, imaging and conventional printing technologies but has watched the developments in 3D printing from the sidelines. This may be about to change: Xerox filed a patent for a new printing methods that focuses on improving the process of additive manufacturing by changing up the moving parts.
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3D printers for the price-conscious
As new companies enter the field of 3D printing, a greater variety of printers can be found in the market. Some print with greater detail, which may be useful for model making, others can print in color. Tech Radar has identified the best 3D printers based on price and listed their most distinguishing features.
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Kodak delivers newest version of its workflow software
Kodak is delivering Prinergy Workflow 7, the latest advancement of the company’s workflow automation software. The software increases the level of automation in every core function of the printing process – job creation, collaboration, file processing, trapping, proofing, imposition and color management, thus enabling printers to better compete in today’s changing print environment.
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Italian University opens first MakerBot innovation center in Europe
Italy’s LIUC University will host the first MakerBot innovation center in Europe to prepare the next generation of engineers and designers for their 3D printing careers. A MakerBot Innovation Center is a 3D printer farm that revolves around the MakerBot Innovation Center Management Platform, which helps to manage and link all of the machines, providing remote access, print queuing, and mass production of 3D prints.
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Tullis Russell Papermakers in administration
As part of their insolvency proceedings, Tullis Russell Papermakers entered administration. The company has incurred cumulative losses of 25.84million Euros over the last five years, largely as a result of weakening demand and pressure on its margins.
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Flexible electronics and conductive inks are growth areas for Henkel
Henkel offers conductive, dielectric and thick film functional inks and coatings for a wide range of applications.  These inks and coatings can be printed by screen, flexo and gravure on flexible or rigid substrates, and can be dried or cured through heat or UV curing. The inks are becoming increasingly common in printed touch screens, biosensors and RFID labels.
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Smart packaging gets even smarter
So far, there have been RFID tags to track items along the supply chain and NFC labels for customer engagement. Due to limited costs, package space and other limitations, brand owners have had to choose one over the other. Now, eAgile has introduced a tag under the name DualWing that uses a common identification permitting data to be shared or updated by UHF and NFC devices.
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