Future Links August 11th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a brewery’s use of cross-media promotion, a Berlin-based company specializing in 3D printers for pharmaceuticals, a tongue-in-cheek Canon ad campaign, a study on printers’ customer service satisfaction in the UK, new printable Li-ion batteries, the benefits of providing comprehensive information on product labels and a new FDA approved 3D printable material for dentures.

Characters printed on beer bottles come to life
To promote an upcoming movie called ‘Jubilee Generale’, the Belgian Martens Brouwerij launched the new beer brand Dagschotel in coordination with a well-known group of Belgian TV sitcom actors. The brand features digitally printed PET bottles, which come to life using a special beer smartphone application. With the app, the characters printed on the bottles deliver special performances on the smartphone. When two bottles are put next to each other, the actors engage in a dialogue.
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Berlin-based company to take printed pharmaceuticals to next level
Just a few weeks after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first 3D printed drug, a German 3D printing specialist has shared his plans on how he intends to take 3D printed drugs to the next level. The company called ‘3D printer drug machine’ is creating a 3D drug printer and custom drug delivery polymer filaments.
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Canon’s ad campaign shows why printing is better
Canon has launched a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign to motivate customers to print their photos again. In the age of Facebook, many people don’t print the photographs of their kids anymore. This can have unintended consequences, as one video ad shows. Letting their kids scroll through the pictures on one’s camera can also result in embarrassing moments.
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New Li-ion batteries can be printed on any surface
This breakthrough in printed electronics has the potential to change the way batteries are integrated in a variety of devices, ranging from roll-up displays to smart electronic clothing and to Google Glass-type devices. The researchers, led by Sang-Young Lee, Professor at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea, have published a paper on the new printable solid-state (PRISS) Li-ion batteries in a recent issue of Nano Letters.
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Transparency regarding products and packaging empowers consumers
While some manufacturers are still reluctant to disclose information about the ingredients in products and packaging on their labels, studies have shown that their fears may be unfounded. An article on Packaging Digests advises companies to be transparent. This will empower consumers rather than scare them away and help them make better decisions.
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3D printing material for dentures gets FDA approval
The Los-Angeles-based company DENTCA earned approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its new 3D printable material as a denture base. The material used within an SLA 3D printing process to create the denture bases has passed all the required tests for cytotoxicity, irritation, genotoxicity, sensitization, acute toxicity and material characterization for biocompatibility. This breakthrough could clear the way for a novel denture manufacturing process.
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