Future Links August 15th 2014

Here’s our daily news roundup from the printing industry. Today we feature customized promotional materials, Samsung’s smart office announcement, 3D System’s upcoming webinars, 3D printing for marketers and hybrid machines for early prototyping.

Kellogg’s lets storeowners customize promotional materials
After the introduction of its print shop last October, the food manufacturer Kellogg’s added new seasonal and sports themes to its options for promotional materials. Shop owners can access the print shop and design a range of promotional pieces, including shelf talkers, posters, counter cards and digital media advertising. The print shop is linked to a profit calculator that to help retailers assess the profitability of their promotions.
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3D Systems offers a series of webinars
3D printing has been explored in research labs for decades but it has only recently become commercially viable. New markets and applications emerge and with it the demand for better knowledge of the technology, the potential and real-world applications. One of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers, 3D systems, offers a series of webinars co-hosted with customers to educate interested users about untapped markets, potential cost reductions and opportunities for growth.
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Samsung unveils smart office platform at IFA
“A new way of printing” promises electronics manufacturer Samsung. The company will hold a press conference at IFA in Berlin on September 4, 2014 to showcase the features of the new Smart Office Platform alongside its multifunctional printers. This is the first time, Samsung will hold a press conference dedicated to its printer business.
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3D printing for marketers
3D clearly has great potential in manufacturing but how do companies integrate the new technology in their marketing efforts? Marketing expert Ashley Friedlein discusses a variety of ways in which 3D printing can help companies create interactive experiences for their customers.
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New hybrid machines for prototyping on the rise
3D printing has lately been all the rage in early prototyping. However, many companies use CNC milling to make models of their new products. Efforts to combine additive and subtractive manufacturing in one machine are underway. Design News provides an overview about current models of an all-in-one 3D printing/etching/milling machines.
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