Future Links August 18th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today, they include the top reasons for labeling errors, a closer look at Hong Kong printing firms, a prestigious award for Hinterkopf GmbH, venture capital for SmartKem, the new collaboration between Kiian Digital and J-Teck3, a 3 D printing workshop that has NASA interested and new software tools for shrink-wrap packaging.

Top five reasons for labeling errors
The special promotion is over but newly printed labels still feature the contest rules. This is an annoying and often costly mistake but not uncommon in the label printing and packaging industry. Food industry expert Wayne Johnson takes a closer look at the five most common reasons for mistakes. They include human error, equipment errors and insufficient lead-time.
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Hong Kong printers integrate books with digital apps
Hong Kong print manufacturers see the future in applications like patent-pending Bridging Book and TouchCode. These technologies offer additional content, games and music for traditional books. Bridging Books also synchronizes the digital version of a book to the page the reader has read in the traditional print version. Publishers’ Weekly has an in-depth story about the major publishing houses in Hong Kong and the current trends that they view as the most promising.
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Hinterkopf receives InterTech Technology Award
The Printing Industries of America (PIA), the world’s leading graphic arts industry association, has recognized Hinterkopf GmbH, based in Eislingen, Germany, with the prestigious InterTech Technology Award for its digital printer D240. Dr. Mark Bohan, VP of Printing Industries of America, summarizes: „The judges were extremely impressed with the quality, the productivity and the possibilities for new product design.”
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SmartKem attracts series A venture investments
SmartKem, a British developer of high performance organic semiconductor materials for flexible displays and electronics has completed its series A financing. Among the investors are well-known names such as BASF Venture Capital, Octopus Investments, Entrepreneurs Fund as well as Finance Wales, the company’s principal shareholder.
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Kiian Digital and J-Teck3 join forces
The two companies decided to work together and to form a new group to meet challenges present in the digital printing sector. The well-established companies will work together but each company will retain its independence. The decision to cooperate closely reflects the wider consolidation trend in the digital printing market.
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Digital Harbor Foundation teaches the teachers
You know your technology workshop is going to be a success when it attracts even the interest of NASA employees. That was the case with a four-day 3 D printing workshop that the Digital Harbor Foundation offered last week. 14 educators who hailed from institutions like NASA but also public and private schools learned the ins and outs of the new technology that enables them to educate students and co-workers in their institutions.
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New software tools for shrink-wrap packaging
The British software developer Creative Edge is launching new design and visualization tools for carton and shrink-wrap creation. The company’s software is especially suited creative agencies, brands, pre-press companies, packaging printers and also commercial printers who are offering packaging work.
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