Future Links August 19th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a report on 3D printing and Gartner’s hype cycle, the U.S. Air Force’s new technology for printed electronics, an architectural 3D printer for nature-inspired homes, an in-depth look at Hong Kong’s printing business, a new patent for the Variprint printing platform, a new open-source packaging research journal and Nissha’s acquisition of AR Metallizing.

Gartner report predicts 3D printing to become widely adapted
The market researcher Gartner has published its annual ‘hype cycle for emerging technologies report’, which describes the five stages from early adoption to widespread use of new technologies. Gartner’s research shows that consumer 3D printing has moved quickly through the first three stages of Gartner’s hype cycle compared to other technologies during the last five years. Gartner predict a shakeout after which the technology becomes more widely understood and companies begin to see the value of using it.
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U.S. Air Force develops 3D printed flexible electronics
The U.S. Air Force partnered with the U.S. Chemical society to develop 3D printed flexible hybrid electronic devices that are small, compact, powerful and above all able to withstand extreme external pressures. While there are applications in aircrafts and other military equipment, the new technology can also be used for biomedical applications with sensors that measure heartbeat, hydration, temperature and more.
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Architectural 3D printer for nature inspired homes
Inspired by the idea that nature is the ultimate architect of structures that are both durable and aesthetic, the Tennessee-based start-up Branch Technology has developed a 3D printing method it calls cellular fabrication. With a 12’ robotic arms that previously served in a German car factory, Branch wants to print houses. It will hold an open call for house designs in September.
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Hong Kong’s printing business is picking up steam
An in-depth article examines the influences that have helped Hong Kong’s printing industry grow again after a slowdown. Especially children’s book printing is contributing to the increase in printing volume. The article also looks at the rate at which technologies such as digital inkjet printing are adopted.
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Further patent granted for the Variprint digital printing platform
The Variprint digital printing platform combines DataLase core color-change materials technology with ultra-high performance laser print engines to deliver high speed, high resolution, on-demand digital printing. This enables brand owners to digitally print products and packaging in-line at full line speeds, realizing maximum benefit from late stage customization.
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New journal makes packaging research widely available
The Journal of Applied Packaging Research features research by leading packaging educators and scientists and is available online as an open resource. The online Journal of Applied Packaging Research is published by The Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. So far, 22 papers have been posted to the site with more than 9,500 downloads.
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Nissha Printing acquires AR Metallizing
The Japanese multinational Nissha Printing has taken over AR Metallizing, the world leader in the production of metallized paper for labels, from the British investment company HIG Capital. AR Metallizing has been named one of the 50 most innovative companies in Belgium for its recyclable premium packaging. Unlike conventional products, this metallized paper is 99% biodegradable.
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