Future Links August 28th 2014

Here’s our daily link collection with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature AB’s push for paper bags, the expected increase in managed print services, 3D printed implants for UK hospitals, packaging that gets noticed on social media, a reusable food wrap, an industry-specific job site and an industry forecast for the labeling industry.

AB Group promotes paper bag use
In October 2015, supermarket shoppers in England will be charged 5p for single-use plastic bags, similar plastic bag fees already exist in Northern Ireland and Wales and Scotland is about to follow suit. The AB group, one of the UK and Ireland’s biggest manufacturers of flexible packaging, works with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification to encourage business owners, retailer and consumers to increase their use of paper bags.
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Managed print services expected to grow
A study by market researchers CompTIA found that 86 % of managed print service (MPS) providers expect to see their business grow over the next 12 months. The largest growth is anticipated by companies specializing in MPS whereas more moderate growth is expected by firms who offer MPS as part of their portfolio of services.
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UK hospitals use 3D printed models to test implants
Medical 3D printing specialist Replica 3DM is providing 12 NHS hospitals with 3D printed models to test implants before surgery. This method reduces surgery time and costs and increases the safety of many procedures. Replica 3DM uses Stratasys printers, the Objet24 and the Objet30, as well as a customized PLA extrusion printer.
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Packaging that gets noticed on Social Media
Designer and Social Media Strategist Rob Repta of Design Packaging Inc. shares what it takes to get noticed on social media. His tips focus on eCommerce packaging, which is on track to overtake brick-and-mortar shopping in the next few years. Repta’s recommendations capitalize on the fact that eCommerce shoppers are usually tech-savy and have instant access to electronic devices.
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A new reusable wrap keeps food fresh
Leftover food has been wrapped in aluminum or plastic foil for decades. This practice contributed to the increase in waste: Almost 30 percent of municipal waste in the U.S. is made up of containers and plastic packaging. The environmental record for aluminum foil is also problematic: a ton of aluminum ingots requires 170 million Btu of energy and produces 12 tons of carbon dioxide. Vermont farmer Sarah Kaeck has now developed a biodegradable, nontoxic, organic alternative food wrap made of cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin.
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Output creates industry-specific job site
Output has unveiled a new job site for recruiters and job seekers in the print, publishing and display industries. The tools on the job site are industry specific, making targeted searches easier and more effective. It offers categories such as freelance, full-time, internship or temporary and lets prospective candidates search by region and industry.
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Global demand for labels continues to rise
The worldwide revenue for labels is expected to reach 114 billion USD by 2018 according to a study by the market researcher The Freedonia Group. The demand is mainly driven by the economic recovery and increased consumer spending on packaged goods, especially in many of the developing regions of the world.
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