Future Links August 28th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers ViscoTec’s 3D printing process for viscous materials, a new print service offered by a library, a 3D printed EEG headset, Martens Brouwerij new equipment that allows printing directly onto PET bottles, the reasons behind Canon’s move into the 3D space, surprising facts about packaging and the opportunities Xerox sees in the inkjet business.

ViscoTec enables 3D printing with viscous materials
The German company ViscoTec specializes in pump and dose technology. Not, the engineers developed a process called fluid dosing and deposition (FDD), which is, in essence, 3D printing with viscous liquids such as silicone and adhesives. This technology may be useful in a variety of applications in areas like cosmetics, plastics, medical, automotive, and aerospace.
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Library offers new print services
As the role of libraries changes, many adapt to new customer demands. The Dodge City Library in Kansas started offering a ‘print from anywhere service’ this month. It allows users to print documents from their smartphones and tablets. They can either print when they are on the premises or email the documents in advance and pick them up once they get to the library.
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3D printed EEG headsets eliminate the need for messy gels
Usually, EEG involves attaching multiple wired sensors to a person’s scalp with sticky gels or adhesives. This can be quite a messy process. Taulman3D’s PCTPE and Nylon 618 have eliminated the need for gels and adhesive. Cognionics, a developer of wireless brain scanning systems, now uses the filament for prototyping and manufacturing EEG headgear.
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Martens Brouwerij in Belgium prints directly onto beer bottles
A few weeks ago, Martens Brouwerij has made the news with their interactive beer bottle labels featuring comedians and a smartphone app. Now, a behind-the-scenes-look shows how they use innovative technology in their printing operations. The company has installed the world’s first ‘Direct Print Powered by KHS’ system using Xaar 1002 printheads in industrial-scale production and is printing directly onto PET beer bottles.
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Canon provides more details about planned move into 3D space
After Canon has announced its partnership with 3D Systems to move into the 3D printing market, Duncan Smith, manager of Canon UK and Ireland’s wide-format group, talks with Output Magazine about the reasons and motivation behind this move. Canon’s customer base has shown great interest in 3D printing.
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Surprising facts about packaging
No matter how much one knows about packaging, there are still facts that are surprising. For example: The date stamp on water bottles refers to the bottle, not the water. Or: One recycled glass bottle is enough to power a computer for 25 minutes. Easyfairs has collected 16 surprising facts about packaging. Whether all hold up to close inspection may be a topic of debate but they are at thought provoking and make for an interesting read.
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Xerox sees growth opportunities in inkjet printing
In an interview, Dustin Graupman ,VP GM of Xerox Continuous Feed Ink Jet Business, talks about the evolution of Xerox’ inkjet business and about how productivity and image quality improvements of ink jet to make it a critical print process well into the future. He also talks about Xerox’ waterless inkjet technology.
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