Future Links August 6th 2014

Today our daily daily news roundup from the printing industry covers Sciaky providing AM to aerospace parts maker, LEP investing in new print plant, sun-powered inks for labels, a digital inkjet overview, 3D printing molecules, a new Canon large format printing system and business training for 350 printers.

Sciaky provides AM to aerospace parts maker
Sciaky, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, has received a purchase order from a major aerospace parts maker to provide an electron beam additive manufacturing system. The system aims to save significant time and cost on the production of large, high-value metal parts.
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LEP invests in new print plant
LEP Colour Printers from Queensland has set up a new production centre in Melbourne. The new 1561 m2 facility is a duplicate of its current site in Queensland with the same technology, including presses, plates and inks.
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Sun-powered inks for labels
Chromatic Technologies has introduced Sunlight Inks, a range of photochromic inks for paper, film and pressure-sensitive labels that turns on rapidly when sunlight hits it. This can be done repeatability, which enables the ink to turn ‘on and off’ forever.
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Digital inkjet overview
Digital inkjet has taken the industry by storm over the last few years, as Jason Shudyy from Veritas Document Solutions  has experienced. In his blog post, he outlines the inkjet technology and provides a video overview of specifics on some of the presses on the market.
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3D printing molecules
Researchers at Virginia Tech were simply trying to produce gluten adhesives when they made the accidental discovery of how to create proteins with the ability to self assemble into fibers. This allowed them to combine the ideas of 3D printing with molecular self-assembly to create the process of ‘genetic 3D printing’.
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New Canon large format printing system
Canon U.S.A. has launched the Océ PlotWave 500 large format printing system. According to the company, with the ability to print 10 D-size plots per minute with virtually no warm-up delay and cloud integration, the productive capabilities enable users to print faster, share faster and finish projects faster.
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Business training for 350 printers
The PIAA is kicking off a two-year training program for print firm owners in the second phase of the 11m $ Future Print program. The government-funded project aims to fortify print businesses against industry turbulence by giving the printers the skills and technical knowledge they need to transition their businesses into the market of the future.
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