Future Links CW 18 – Multichannel Edition

This edition of our Future Links is all about multichannel solutions, virtual reality and apps. Read all about how Amazon helps choosing an outfit, people can touch the virtual, an app turns data into holograms, to use television ads the best and what the classic game snake is looking now.

Virtual reality

Amazon Helps Choosing an Outfit With New AI Camera

Thanks to artificial intelligence Amazon‘s new Echo Look camera enables users to evaluate an outfit when a mirror just shows it partially. The photos and videos taken can be streamed, saved or rated by a program called Style Check. It chooses an outfit through a combination of machine learning and fashion specialists from two photos uploaded by the users. With this feature the e-commerce platform aims to improve its customer’s journey.

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Touching the Virtual With the VR Glove Kickstarter

VRgluv has launched a Kicstarter campaign, to let VR users feel the simulated physicality of the virtual environment with a VR glove. It is an important evolutionary step in the VR ecosystem. By creating VR gloves, they aim to target the educational, medical and robotics industries. Certainly the focus is on the gaming community. Kickr, CalTech, Georgia Tech and Stanford worked together at this project.

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The Classic Game Snake Becomes an Augmented Experience

The reissue of the 1990‘s Nokia game Snake brings it to the augmented reality era. Like in the original game, users collect food to grow the tail of the snake. In its new edition they have to look out for CyberBurgers. Another alternative to increase the tail is to yell „Believe in your dreams!“. The upgrade is a free for the Microsoft HoloLens and it is available in the WindowsStore.

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This HoloLens App Turns Data Into Holograms

Theorem Solutions has taken the next step with releasing their mixed reality technology in an app called Visualization Experience. It is able to show users how they can prepare and present their CAD data for visualization in Microsoft‘s HoloLens. This gives them the freedom of movement to view, manipulate and interrogate their 3D data. Furthermore, the app is free to download.

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Track Effectiveness of Television Ads Using iSpot.tv Mines Smart TV Data

iSpot.tv has recently come up with a new ad-tracking system to determine the effectiveness of TV ads. Therefore, the methods of monitoring and measuring digital ads served as an example model. Their invention is able to tell advertisers the optimal number of times a TV ad must be seen and gives them a sense of which ads are the most effective. Additionally, it provides recommendations on how they are performing on specific channels.

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