Future Links CW 19: Packaging Edition

This week’s future links deal with new packaging designs, water-based flexographic inks, polyester films for sterile packaging applications, high performance laminates and the new robots at DHL.


Design Bridge Redesigned Biscuit Packaging for Fortnum & Mason’s

In order to create a new packaging design for Fortnum & Mason’s, Design Bridge uses decorative ceramics and fine china to transport the idea of their clients. With this they aim to make people want to display the new packaging designs next to their finest china. Design Bridge developed six designs that fit together. For the visuals, they worked with strong colours and used metallic and non-metallic effects to create more depth. Furthermore the tins were updated, so they can be stacked on shelf.


Improving Food Packaging with Water-Based Flexographic Inks

AQUAFLEX is the new project of QUIMOVIL to develop new water-based inks for the food packaging sector. With their new flexographic inks, they plan to reduce VOC emissions by 90 to 95%. Currently, they are using solvent-based inks, which have a number of disadvantages. The AQUAFLEX project is intended to reach the same printing and laminating quality properties as solvent-based inks. Now, the next step is to improve the print speeds of water-based inks and reducing their energy consumption in the drying process.

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Toray Plastics Introduces Polyester Films for Use in Gamma Irradiation Sterilization Packaging Applications

Toray Plastics recently announced the launch of their Lumirror GA10, GA25 and GA66 PET films. Their GA range provides superior retention of tensile and optical properties for up to two years. For product sterility and security medical packaging integrity is a key aspect. Because of the optical properties the clear visibility of the packaged product is guaranteed. The user is able to see that the item is sterile and has not been tampered. The GA series offers customers new effective solutions in medical packaging.

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Pack Ready Lamination from HP Indigo

HP Indigo has confirmed the introduction of a new technology which allows immediate time-to-market for flexible packaging and the creation of high-quality, high-performance laminates. Pack Ready is for digitally printed flexible packaging off HP Indigo 2000, 8000 and WS6800 digital presses. It offers a strong laminate bond strength with zero curing time, which maximizes the value of HP digital print. Besides, it contains a heat active polymer layer that interlocks with HP’s Indigo ElektroInk. Overall, costs and complexity barriers are lowered with this new concept.

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DHL Installed Robots to Provide More Flexibility

DHL has introduced a new technology to ensure that production lines are able to adjust to change, while providing additional capacity. With the UKI robotics deployment programme the robots can be used flexibly nationwide within the UK. They were bought to pack pet food, confectionery, aerosols and canned drinks. DHL plans to invest further £1 million in the next 12 month.

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