Future Links CW 27: Furniture Printing Edition

In this week’s future links it is all about 3D-printed furniture. Exciting examples, benefits of 3D-printed furniture, the combination of 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship and 3D printed parts for plane interiors.

3D Printing in Interior Design

Inspired by beautiful palm leaves, the interior designer Rhonda Huber had the idea to turn this piece of nature into an organic-looking piece of furniture using 3D printing. It all started with a company called Print the Future, that invited Huber to have custom pieces of furniture 3D-printed in a temporary shop in New York. Another item that was materialized in the Manhatten pop-up store is the cocktail table of Anna Maria Mannarino. Because of the size and complexity, the printing process took around 90 hours. These examples show that 3D printing allows to create one-off designs or prototypes of potentially mass marketed designs and generates no waste product at all.

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Exciting Examples for 3D-Printed Furniture

In the last two years 3D printers have become efficient, accessible, and even commonplace. Thus, it is natural that designers now use this technique to produce furniture and home furnishings. Designer Dirk Vander Kooij for example transformed an industrial robot into a 3D printer which creates a rocking chair. And there are far more exciting examples of 3D-printed furnitures.

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Printed Furniture Within Minutes

To come out with 3D-printed customized furniture MIT’s self-assembly lab, Steelcase, collaborates with a Swiss designer. Using the Rapid Liquid printing process, the possibility is given to open up the market for affordable, custom furniture in a variety of scales. With the lab technique printed inside of a translucent gel, the printing was faster and the product can be big as the machine available. The organic line quality of the print comes from the Rapid Liquid Printing working with rubber, foam, plastic or any other industrial liquid material for that matter.

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Combining 3D Printing With Traditional Craftsmanship

Jon Christie has designed chairs combining time-honored craftsmanship with innovative 3D printing tech. Pairing dark walnut wood and 3D printed parts can be used to asset the marker by removing expensive, wasteful and time-consuming elements from the construction process. The new process allows a cheaper distribution, mass customization, less waste, quicker production times and a quick disassembly and re-assembly for shipping furniture.

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3D-Printed Parts for Plane Interiors

Etihad Airways is the first airline that has 3D-printed interior parts in their airplanes. 3D printed plastic frames used to house monitors were shown at Summit 2017. With 3D printing the airline eliminates the need for physical storage of the parts which can be made on demand at a fraction of cost and time. Deutsche Bahn also aims to digitize their inventory as part of the Mobility Goes Additive project. The goal is to develop 3D printing technology on live applications.

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