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This week our news roundup from the printing industry covers 3D printing innovations for the life on Mars, KBA’s Q3 results, anew high shear mixing system by Ross, the partnership between Japan Display and E Ink, and Walsh’s investments in technitrans peripherals.


Thanks to 3D Printing Life on Mars Might Gets Closer
Mars One is a pioneer when it comes to the first human life on Mars. The Dutch organization aims to establish a human colony on the Red Planet by 2026. Recently, they presented an innovative design concept for suits, which will protect human beings living on Mars. In their study “Mars One Surface Exploration Suit (SES) Conceptual Design Assessment” they published the research behind the protective garment. In case a piece of the clothing breaks Mars One plans to install 3D printers on the settlement in order to print out replacement parts for the suit based on a modular system.
More at 3ders.org

KBA Looks Back on Successful Q3 Results
After a good third quarter KBA might achieve their growth target for revenue and earnings for the financial year. Whereas the group order intake rose slightly within the past quarter, their new order exceeded group revenue. Compared to 2015, their order backlog increased by 2.7 percent. Additionally, they could state a sizeable increase in earnings. Overall, the company’s profit margin widened from 26.6 percent in 2015 to 30.4 percent in the current fiscal year, resulting in a net profit after tax of 32.5 million euro.
More at i-grafix.com

New Portable High Shear Mixing System by Ross
Recently, Ross introduced their 200-L high shear mixing system, which was specially developed for powder dispersion into liquid, emulsificaton and homogenizaion in a closed, temperature controlled vessel. The company’s new portable machine allows to easily move it from one room to another. Furthermore, it is possible to operate it in a Class 1 Div1 hazardous location.
More at Ink World Magazine

Partnership Between Japan Display and E Ink
Japan Display Inc. (JDI), leader in the display industry announced the formation of a strategic alliance with E Ink. Holdings, the leading innovator of electrophoretic technology for electronic paper business. This step enables JDI to expand its portfolio beyond its existing LCD products by adding E Ink’s ePaper into its offering. ePaper resembles traditional paper, so that images shown on it can be seen even under bright sunlight. Through the combination of JDI’s backplane technologies and electronic ink technology, both companies intend to develop new market applicatons. Benefitting of JDI’s global sales presence, E Ink considers their alliance as a win-win for both parties.
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Walsh Invests in Technitrans Peripherals
After having ordered three Komori Lithrones following this year’s drupa, Walsh Colour Print decided to add Technotrans peripherals in order to maximize control by switching to H-UV technology. They equipped the initially arrived B1-plus four-over-four Lithrone GX-840RP with Technotrans’ temperature control (beta.c), water treatment (alpha.r10), and dampening solution filtration (beta.f). In this month, they got a Lithrone GL 540 plus coater and expect a B2 format GL 529 plus coater to be delivered in 2017. Both models will also feature Technotrans peripherals.
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