Future Links CW 36

Here are our weekly links with the most important news from the printing industry. This week they feature the new invisible conductive ink technology by DNP, Hibiscus’ Hibsoft Compact Labelling Station, Optomec’s 3D printing breakthrough, two ways for sustainability in the flexible packaging market, and an opinion on the importance of live events for the printing industry.

future links CW 36

DNP adds invisible smart ink to printed media
Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), a Japan-based company, signed a partnership deal with US startup T+ink, developer of an invisible conductive ink technology. It can be used to provide detailed product information on coupons and for promotions and digital media. According to this consumers are able to interact with magazines, books, advertisements, tickets, product packaging and other printed media using a smartphone or other mobile devices.
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Hibiscus launches Hibsoft Compact Labelling Station
The largest supplier of labels for hazardous goods and chemical industries Hibiscus PLC, introduced the Hibsoft Compact Labelling Station. Hibsoft Label Enterprise is the profitable solution for advanced hazard warning label production and for printing full color BS5609 compliant labels. Hibsoft works perfectly for harsh environments and limited space. The station also delivers all the hardware and software required for meeting hazardous labeling needs.
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Optomec’s 3D printing breakthrough
Optomec produces Aerosol Jet Technologies for printed electronics and lens equipment for 3D printing metals. Its new development allows to print polymer and composite structures in 3D at the micron scale. By doing so it significantly lowers costs and size of next-generation products used in electronics and bio-medical industries.
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Two sustainable packaging paths and its key questions
Regarding requirements such as recyclability, companies that plan to enter the flexible packaging market have two types of strategies to choose from: The eco-efficiency or the circular economy model. There are four main questions which might help to figure out which model is the right one for businesses.
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Opinion: The importance of live events for the printing industry
Three months after drupa is the perfect time to underline the opportunities live events offer for the printing industry. Jennifer Matt summarizes their role as follows: Live events show the direction of where the printing industry has to go and are ideal platforms for networking with peers and vendors. This is a very important point because dialogue is not only helpful for optimizing business strategies but it also provides a basis on which business-critical purchases are based.
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