Future Links December 15th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature trends for 2016 in 3D printing, patents providing a glimpse into the future of HP, the Would Wood project, an Australian court ruling against Nurofen packaging, luxury magazines to create brand equity, a print hotel and new on the drupa blog: Packaging that heats itself

Trend 2016: 3D print 2.0
3D printing is definitely taking off. And in 2016, we will see a whole range of developments in technology, materials, products and services. In the consumer area, 3D printing is likely to evolve with new 3D materials that can be used to make knitwear, shoes, and baby bottles.
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Patents provide a glimpse into the future of HP
The year 2016 will be an interesting one for HP. After the split, the two companies will have to focus on competitive products and services in their respective marketplaces. A look at the patents that HP recently filed can provide a glimpse into the future. They include a patent titled ‘Secure Print Job Through Mobile Device ID’ and one titled ‘Control of Printing Systems to Apply Treatment’.
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Swedish government agency supports 3D wood printing
The Swedish government agency Vinnova is assembling a consortium to develop new, integrated materials and production concepts to produce large-scale advanced 3D printed wood-based structures and objects. The Would Wood project consists of an interdisciplinary group of businesses, colleges, students, designers and architects. The project is looking to research and develop the sustainable materials and manufacturing processes of the future.
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Luxury magazines as an avenue to create brand equity
Printed luxury magazines are cool again, according to an article in Branding Magazine. Hipsters in London and other metropolitan areas are embracing print magazines in a similar way that they have rekindled their love for vinyl records and vintage clothing. This provides advertisers with an opportunity to effectively establish a new level of brand equity, one that can be targeted extremely precisely but more importantly, to the most vibrant and socially driven demographics.
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Print hotel opens temporarily in Amsterdam
Digital printing technology is capable of printing direct onto a range of materials including wood, glass, concrete, ceramic and textile. This provides a great toolkit for interior designers who now can realize new ideas and concepts that were hard or impossible to implement before. To showcase the possibilities, a hotel decorated entirely with print, from reception areas, to bars and restaurants, guest rooms and bathrooms, meeting and retail spaces opens at the the RAI Amsterdam from 8-11 March 2016.
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New on the drupa blog: Packaging that heats itself
Convenience food has come a long way from the days when sandwiches, chocolate bars and potato chips were the only choices. Still, there are not too many options for warm, healthy and convenient meals or beverages that don’t involve a stop. HeatGenie now developed a self-heating solution that could take the concept of smart packaging to a new level.
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