Future Links December 19th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature recommendations by the U.S. government to lower printing costs, tiny 3D printed sensors for heart research, Holmen’s investment in its Iggesund paper mills, technology for secure packaging to prevent the trade of counterfeit goods, the strong alliance between IPMG and SEMA, tips for achieving opaque whites in flexo printing, Stora Enso’s restructuring and seven marketing mistakes printers make.

U.S. government examines how to lower printing costs
The federal government has analyzed its printing costs and issued specific recommendations on how to manage the volume of pages printed every day, how to protect classified or confidential documents and how to reduce the overall costs of printing. The recommendations are part of a comprehensive output management solution.
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Scientists develop 3D printed telemetric sensors for heart research
The research detailed in the paper “Wireless telemetric system for implantable sensors” is focused on the development of tiny telemetry systems that are able to capture, process, and transmit specific biological process information to an end device, either wired or wirelessly. The research was carried out at the University of Western Ontaria.
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Holmen group invests 60 million Euros in paper mills
The corporation made the investment to increase production capacity at its subsidiary Iggesund Paperboard’s mills in Workington, UK and Iggesund, Sweden. The upgrades are a response to strong demand and are expected to be complete in June 2016.
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Secure packaging aims at reducing the trade of counterfeit products
The global anti-counterfeit market for food and pharmaceuticals is expected to be worth 79.3 billion USD this year, according to market researchers Smithers Pira. To reduce this number, Engineered Printing Solutions is partnering with DNA Technologies for new solutions in security printing and brand protection.
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IPMG forms strong alliance with SEMA
The two companies already see many potential synergies and have similar client lists. Now, IPMG, Australia’s second-biggest printer and communications group and direct marketing outfit Sema, are moving even closer together in a strategic and financial alliance that may lead to a buyout.
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Tips for achieving opaque whites in flexographic printing
Whites have been notoriously difficult to produce – especially in flexographic printing. Recent developments in narrow web ink, plate and anilox technology now allow flexo printers to achieve the opacity level of rotary screen whites. An article on Narrow Web Tech covers the ins and out of the best technologies and applications.
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Stora Enso restructures its renewable packaging division
To achieve greater financial transparency and improved customer focus, Stora Enso is splitting its renewable packaging division into two business units: Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions. The new structure will be in effect January 1, 2015.
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Seven marketing mistakes printers make
“Printers should only communicate through print.” “We don’t need a marketing budget.” These are phrases identified in an article in Print Media Centr that can limit a printer’s success. The article looks at seven common phrases that sabotage the business efforts.
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