Future Links December 9th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature research aiming at 3D printed fuel cells, Canon’s new cross-media guide, GEW’s faster LED UV curing lab system, an increase in commercial printing shipments in the U.S., more floor space for 3D printing at the CES, environmentally friendly cosmetics packaging and Coca-Cola’s festive labels.

3D printing aids in new fuel cell design
In the minds of many researchers, fuel cells are the key to a better energy future. They convert chemical energy into electricity, and can be used to power everything from vehicles to large structures to submarines. Researchers at Northwestern University are now working on new fuel cell designs that utilize 3D printing with ceramic materials and could lead to more solid oxide fuel cells.
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Canon guide shows opportunities in cross-media marketing
Canon has launched a publication aimed at printers looking to incorporate cross-media into their services. The guide features a range of case studies as well as showcasing examples of effective cross-media applications with measurable return on marketing investment. The guide was developed using in-depth research from industry experts.
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UV curing specialist GEW launches Magic Carpet technology
GEW has launched a new, faster version of their LED UV curing lab system that is design to enable testing under real-world conditions. According to GEW, its new Magic Carpet LED lab system makes the task of developing and testing new UV LED ink formulations easy, accurate and ergonomic.
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Commercial printing shipments in the U.S. increase
Here is some good economic news for printers: The volume of commercial printing shipping has been on the rise in recent months. June through October 2014 shipments are up 1.05 billion USD compared to the same period in 2013. The industry has had positive comparisons to 2013 for four of the last five months, even after adjusting for inflation. However, shipments still remain below 2012 levels.
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3D printing expands at CES
The CES in Las Vegas has a long tradition of showing innovative technologies and super-cool gadgets. This year, the 3D Printing Marketplace will host more than 30 companies showcasing their latest advancements in the field. Established companies like Stratasys and 3D Systems will present alongside newcomers.
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Metsä Board wins environmental printing award
Packaging for cosmetics has been mainly focused on conveying a feeling of luxury and well-being. Metsä Board has now developed a glue-free rigid box that provides a unique and high-quality user experience but is environmentally friendly. The box is made of 100 percent recyclable paperboard and uses no glue or plastic wrapping. The design won the Championship for Environmentally Friendly Printing in the Hong Kong Print Awards 2014.
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Coca-Cola introduces festive packaging for the holidays
Wrapping a bottle of Coke has never been easier. Coca-Cola’s bottles are featuring a label that can be peeled and pulled so that it forms a festive bow. The ‘Share a Coke’-campaign is also adding a seasonal touch to its design: A series of 500 milliliter bottles is featuring the names of Santa’s reindeers, including Rudolph, Dancer and Blitzen.
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