Future Links December 9th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature HP’s increased focus on 3D printing, a 3D printer that fits into a backpack, sales of metal 3D printers on the upswing, green, customized and communicative are the new attributes of modern packaging, book publishers see opportunities in combining print with digital, Sun Chemical’s inks let labels shine and new on the drupa blog: 5 creative print calendar ideas.

As 2016 draws closer HP focuses more intensely on 3D printing
2015 was an extremely busy year for HP, the year the company split into two parts. HP Inc., which continues the printing business, focuses on the launch of a line of 3D printers in 2016 that promises to top competing machines from market leaders like Stratasys and 3D Systems. Stephen Nigro, president of HP 3D Printing who started at HP in 1982 as part of the team that developed the first color inkjet printer, said in an interview with Fortune: “We plan to be the leader in 3D printing.”
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A 3D printer that fits into a backpack
Some 3D printers are getting so big that they can produce huge industrial parts and even walls and floors for apartments and houses. Others are getting smaller and lighter, adding portability to their mix of features. M3D’s Micro 3D Printer is an example of the latter kind. The printer is smaller than a breadbox, not particularly fast but provides high quality prints and fits into a backpack.
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Sales of metal 3D printers on the upswing
For industrial uses, plastic sometimes just won’t do. That’s why more and more 3D printer manufacturers are offering metal 3D printers. According to research by CONTEXT, sales of 3D metal printers across the globe were up by an impressive 45 % in the third quarter of 2015, compared to last year. While they account for only 7 % of the global 2743 industrial/professional printer unit volume shipments in the Q3, revenues from metal 3D Printers took 31 % of the overall category total, up from 22 % in Q3 14.
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Packaging is becoming green, communicative and customized
Plain boxes and bags are clearly a thing of the past – the new packaging is environmentally friendly, clever and tailored to fit the customers’ needs. A new book: Material Innovation: Packaging Design, written by a material science consultant and a design consultant, explores the ways that packaging is being changed by innovations in retail, materials, design, and marketing.
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Book publishers see opportunity in print with digital
Advanced book publishers combine print and digital: They integrate videos, audio and other digital content in their texts to enhance storytelling. An article on Digital Book World shows how publishers can prosper when integrating the print with the digital world.
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Sun Chemical’s inks helped award winning labels shine
Sun Chemical’s inks were used on labels created by ASL Print FX that won the “Best of Class in Flexography Wine and Spirits” award during the annual awards competition hosted by the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI). The winning label called “Night Glider” features a flying squirrel in the night sky surrounded by stars.
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New on the drupa blog: 5 creative print calendar ideas
Despite the increase in tablets and smartphones, many people still prefer printed calendars. Here are some inspiring examples of how calendars can be much more than just office supplies.
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