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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers an expected 3-billion-Euro milestone for the dye sublimation market, Foddjet’s printed meals for the elderly, Aldi Australia’s affordable 3D printers, Amcor’s perspective on plain tobacco packaging, Antalis’ new website for packaging and logistics customers, Dilli’s subsidiary in Europe and new on the drupa blog: Meganews kiosk prints news on demand.

Textile dye sublimation market expected to reach 3 billion Euros
The dye sublimation print market will more than double over the next five years according to market data from Smithers Pira. As the dye sublimation market booms it will create numerous opportunities for ink and textile suppliers, press builders, and partners across the value chain.
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Foodjet will print complete meals of the elderly
3D printed food has been seen mainly in the snack and dessert segment. The Dutch company Foodjet has more ambitious plans. The company is now working on increasing its industrial production capacity to start 3D printing complete and nutritious meals, specifically for the elderly. Foodjet was also working on a EU-backed study on dysphagia, a condition that affects the elderly and makes it difficult to eat.
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Aldi Australia is selling affordable home 3D printer
It looks like 3D printing is developing some serious mass-market appeal. Aldi Australia is offering an affordable limited edition 3D printer named Cocoon for 499 USD. The printer will hit the shelves on February 17 and is designed to work with common 3D model files. The package includes the Cocoon 3D printer, a 3D pen and a spool of Cocoon 3D filament, available in black, blue, green and grey.
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Amcor profits rise before tobacco packaging law changes
Before laws regarding plain cigarette packaging and tax increases come into force, European smokers seem to stockpile cigarettes. That at least is the explanation Australian packaging company Amcor offered for its recent increase in tobacco packaging revenue. The company also sees opportunity in plain packaging: It still offered some fairly complex design but on a greater scale which could bring down unit costs.
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Antalis launches website for packaging and logistics customers
As ecommerce is rising, the demand for packaging and delivery is changing. To offer best practices, useful information and clear solutions to real industry challenges, Antalis has launched a new website with online tools and downloadable content focused on the principles of optimizing space, minimizing costs, maximizing efficiencies and increasing overall profitability.
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South Korean company Dilli opens subsidiary in Europe
South Korean digital printing equipment manufacturer Dilli has established an office in Belgium to support its growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Dilli’s range includes printing, die-cutting, laser cutting, varnishing and further embellishment machines. More than 3,000 Dilli installations are already located in the EMEA region, with labels and packaging business described as a natural extension of its more established wide format activity.
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New on the drupa blog: Meganews kiosk prints news on demand
Newspaper and magazine publishers have been exploring new concepts to bridge the digital world and the world of tangible print products. A noteworthy innovation: Meganews developed a print-on-demand newsstand that delivers magazines directly to the customer. It thus reduces returned copies and saves resources for publishers and retailers. By printing only the copies that are actually bought, Meganews also lowers the environmental impact of newsprint.
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