Future Links February 5th

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers PepsiCo’s new chips packaging, FDA approval for 3D printed titanium implants, strong growth in the marijuana packaging market, Sappi’s new heavyweight packaging line, Constantia’s investment in a new narrow web press, a survey about the value of customized packaging and Panalpina’s research partnership looking into the use of 3D printing in logistics.

PepsiCo’s new chips packaging turns into a bowl
Under the Walkers label, PepsiCo has launched a new line of potato chips. The packaging of the ‘Tear ‘n Share’ chips turns into a bowl when the bag is opened, thus adding functionality to the packaging. The new packaging concept is aimed at consumers who enjoy sharing chips with friends or family members.
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FDA approves 3D printed titanium implants
Medical 3D printing has made considerable progress in recent years. Now, the regulatory offices are clearing the path for further advancements. BioArchitects has announced FDA approval of a patient-specific titanium cranial/craniofacial plate implant. This is the first time, a titanium cranial/craniofacial plate received clearance. 3D printed with Arcam’s EBM technology, the implants are made from biocompatible titanium.  Because the implants are designed using CT and MRI scans from individual patients, they can be 3D printed to fit individual patients.
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Marijuana packaging is a growth market
The demand for legal marihuana in the U.S. is growing. Several analysts have estimated the demand and forecast 6.7 billion USD in legal sales this year. The report summary said that by 2020, legal market sales were expected to be 21.8 billion USD. This translates into a rising demand for packaging. Especially plastic packaging seems to benefit. “Plastic is a huge part of the packaging dynamic in the cannabis industry, and it’s only getting bigger,” says Chris Walsh, managing editor of the Marijuana Business Daily. “And that’s because a lot of states are finally introducing regulations around packaging.”
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Sappi launches heavyweight packaging line
Sappi North America has announced the expansion of its LusterCote packaging line. The new heavyweight LusterCote product is available in 70, 80 and 95lb. They are suited for Offset, Flexographic and Gravure printing, including wide-format, multi-color sheetfed presses. The new LusterCote products will be produced at Sappi’s manufacturing mill in Cloquet, Minnesota, a fully integrated facility that generates over 80 percent of its energy from renewable resources.
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Constantia Flexibles expands capacities in Spain with narrow web press
Constantia Flexibles is investing in new capacity at its manufacturing site in Burgos, Spain, including the installation of a narrow web press. The installation of the conventional narrow web press, as well as a narrow web adhesive lamination machine, will be completed by mid-2017. The investment will total 4 million Euros and will serve growing demand from the home and personal care industry for high-quality packaging used especially in cosmetics.
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U.S. buyers believe custom packaging makes product more valuable
Custom-designed packaging can drive repeat purchases, according to January 2016 research. In a survey among 422 digital buyers ages 18 and older, more than half said they believe customized packaging makes a product more valuable. 44 percent of digital buyers who spend more than 201 USD on average a month said they would purchase from a retailer again based on customized packaging, suggesting this feature appeals to more affluent shoppers.
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Panalpina explores the use of 3D printing in logistics
Logistics company Panalpina is working with Cardiff Business School to identify and develop new ways in which 3D printing can increase efficiencies in the supply chain and add value for Panalpina’s customers. Mike Wilson, global head of logistics at Panalpina, said of the 3D research: “We have a supply chain specialist and an engineer working together with leading experts at Cardiff Business School. The findings of this exciting new project will find their way into our wider offering of Logistics Manufacturing Services.”
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  • Knud Wassermann
    6. Februar 2016 14:37

    This newsletter is too much about 3D printing and is not covering the current and future situation of the printing industry

    • drupa
      9. Februar 2016 10:23

      Dear Mr Wassermann,

      this newsletter is a summary of the “Future Links” on our blog: http://blog.drupa.com/category/future-links/
      Those cover the most important news from the printing industry on every weekday. At the moment, it is the case that 3D printing produces the biggest amount of daily news and that’s why we have so much of of it in our news.
      But if you know of important print news, that you think should be represented, you can always send them to us.

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