Future Links January 14th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature the first commercially available 3D printed car, teenagers’ preference for printed books, Kiian Digital’s new pigment ink, a boost for graphene production in Europe, Kornit’s new fabric printer, the first customer for TetraPak’s new plant based packaging and a strong focus on the end user at the Printed Electronic World Europe.

First 3D printed car drives off
Local Motors made headlines last year with its 3D printed car. Now, the company took the idea even further and printed the first car in front of a live audience at the Detroit Motor Show in 44 hours. The car named Strati will be commercially available later this year and costs between 18,000 USD and 30,000 USD.
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Teenagers still prefer print books
A lot has been said about younger peoples’ infatuation with their electronic devices. Yet a new study has found that there is still a place for printed books in their hearts. According to a study by market research firm Nielsen, 54% of teens ages 13 to 17 strongly or generally prefer print, with 28% having no preference, and 18% strongly or generally preferring ebooks.
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Kiian Digital shares news about pigment inks and printing on polyester
At the Heimtextil in Frankfurt, Kiian Digital will share its early insights into a new pigment ink, which the company is adding to its portfolio. Unlike traditional inkjet inks, pigment inks are printable on cotton, polyester and blended fabrics. Kiian Digital will be presenting at the European Digital Textile Conference at 2.15pm on Thursday 15 January at Heimtextil 2015.
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European Centre for Process Innovation works on graphene production
Graphene has been dubbed miracle material for its strength, lightness and conductivity. It is seen as one of the most promising 3D printing materials. The European Centre for Process Innovation is working on making the material more widely available for research and production by using food waste as a source.
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Kornit launches new fabric printer
Kornit Digital is launching its textile press Paradigm II into the US market at the Imprinted Sportswear show in California. The machine prints up to 200 garments per hour and is effective on dark textiles, as well as typical fabric materials such as lycra, silk, leather and denim.
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TetraPak’s completely plant-based packaging hits the supermarkets
TetraPak announced its new plant-based packaging a few weeks ago and now the first customer, Finnish dairy producer,Valio, will sell its dairy products in the environmentally friendly cartons. The beverage carton Tetra Rex is manufactured solely from a combination of plastics derived from plants and paperboard.
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Printed Electronics Europe with strong end user focus
IDTechEx will host the tradeshow Printed Electronics Europe on April 28-29 in Berlin, Germany. The exhibitors will display their latest technologies as well as processes that have proven to be successful. More than 200 speakers from across the value chain, from small to large organizations will present their insights with a special focus on end user needs.
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