Future Links January 18th

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the world’s largest metal 3D printed airplane part, physicists demonstrating how to make 3D printing safer, Roland DG’s new custom printer, Crown’s packaging with LED lights, how to choose the right ink for the job, emerging packaging trends for 2016 and a shampoo bottle that is easy to recycle.

Airbus makes the world’s largest metal 3D printed airplane part
3D printed lighter and strong components for the airline industry are no longer just theoretical concepts. Airbus and its subsidiary APWorks, in collaboration with Autodesk-owned architecture firm The Living have printed a jet cabin partition that mimics cell and bone structures. The partition is 45 % lighter than conventionally produced parts.
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Physicists demonstrate how 3D printing processes can be made safer
Large industrial companies like Boeing, Airbus and GE are exploring the use of 3D printed parts in their turbines, engines and aircrafts. To do so, they have to ensure that the printed parts are safe and can withstand all sorts of external forces. A team of scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has now published a paper to help engineers develop a better understanding of how the process behaves at all scales, from microscopic melting and cohesion of the powdered metal to the bulk properties of the final object.
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Roland DG launches a new custom printer
Custom printing is an important trend that has led to increased customer demand for printers with special capabilities for customization and personalization. The new VersaUV LEF-300 is the latest addition to Roland’s line of benchtop UV-LED flatbed inkjet printers that includes the LEF-20 and LEF-12. It works with custom substrates, including acrylic, wood, board, plastic, fabric, natural and synthetic leather.
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Crown adds LED lights to its premium packaging
Packaging manufacturer Crown is presenting its newest confectionary and biscuit packaging. The premium packaging comes with integrated LED lights, which make for a festive, luxurious look. Crown’s GiftTag technology allows a video message to be embedded onto packaging using a QR code, enabling recipients to view personalized greetings on their own mobile device.
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Choosing the right ink for quality printing
The number of inkjet printing inks has proliferated in recent years. With so many inks on the market, it is not always easy to decide what ink to use for a particular job or a certain piece of equipment. An article on FESPA explains what factors to consider when choosing between aqueous, dye sublimation, strong solvent or eco-solvent inks. It lists examples of the types of jobs for which the inks are especially well-suited.
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Emerging packaging trends for 2016
Packaging is becoming increasingly important as a means to communicate brand identity and to create customer engagement. Emerging trends in packaging will help achieve these goals. ‘Keep it simple’, ‘Use striking geometric patterns’ and ‘Back to the past’ are among the trends for the new year.
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A shampoo bottle that is easy to recycle
Plastic shampoo bottles weren’t originally designed with recyclability in mind. Because they use different kinds of plastic for the bottle and the cap, recycling the plastic can be difficult. A designer based in Munich has now come up with a new packaging design that would not only create a sleek bottle but also make it easily recyclable.
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