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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers Lexmark’s proposal for recycling printer cartridges, 3D printed windshield wipers for Airbus helicopters, how digital technology affects the packaging industry, Epson’s new range of SureColor SC-S printers, HP’s updated Sprout, Graphene 3D Lab’s magnetic filament and a forecast for the anti-counterfeit packaging market.

Lexmark proposed free take-back facilities for printer cartridges
Printer cartridges should be recycled but many consumers don’t know where to return them. Lexmark estimates that 30,000 to 50,000 tons of printer cartridges end up in landfill each year as a result of the industry’s poor rate of collection from customers. The company now submitted a plan to the European Commission’s Preparatory Consultation on the Circular Economy. In it, Lexmark has called for legislative and regulatory changes to address the issue, including free take-back facilities.
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German RepRap makes windshield wiper system for Airbus helicopters
Windshield wipers may not seem all that important on first sight but they are critical to ensure good visibility in cars and helicopters. For Airbus Helicopters, the German RepRap X400 was instrumental in creating their new windshield wiper system. 3D printing the windshield wiper systems reduced testing time and costs for Airbus.
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How digital technologies transform the packaging industry
Digital technologies, including digital printing, smart sensors and labels, are changing the packaging industry. In the future, packaging will play an even bigger role in connecting the digital and physical worlds. A number of experts weigh in on how the new technologies will affect packaging in the future.
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Epson launches new range of SureColor SC-S printers
Epson UK unveiled a new range of professional 1625mm signage printers. The new range gives Print Service Providers (PSPs) a choice of printers to suit their specific production needs from 4-10 colors (including white and metallic) and up to 95.3 sq/m hour single-pass productivity. The new SureColor SC-S range uses Epson’s new formulation UltraChrome GS3 inkset.
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HP’s Sprout mixes virtual reality with 3D printing
HP is updating its Sprout PC, which attempts to blend the real and digital worlds, making it more suitable for the educational and enterprise markets. When placed on the Touch Mat underneath the camera, real objects can be scanned into Sprout, after which a 3D representation of them is displayed on the screen. The 3D models can be turned, reshaped, colored or cropped via hand on the Touch Mat. The images generated via Sprout Pro can be exported to Autodesk’s Meshmixer or Microsoft’s 3D Builder software in preparation for 3D printing.
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Graphene 3D introduces magnetic filament
With its graphene filament, New York-based company Graphene 3D Labs has already proved its innovativeness and competency in functional 3D printing materials. Now, it has added magnetic filament to its offerings. Graphene 3D’s Ferro-Magnetic material is an iron-based PLA filament that allows for the 3D printing of objects that are strongly attracted to magnetic fields. Magnetic filaments open up new possibilities within 3D printing, including 3D printed magnetic sensors, mechanical actuators and magnetic stirrers, among others.
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Anti-counterfeit packaging market is set to grow
According to the World Customs Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce, up to 7 % of the annual global trade is accounted for by counterfeit goods and products. A new report by Technavio predicts that the market for anti-counterfeit packaging will reach around 134 billion USD by 2020. This represents a compounded annual growth rate of more than 15 %.
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