Future Links July 15th 2014

This is our daily news roundup from the printing industry. Today with Samsung Printing Solutions strengthening its digital marketing channel, Home Depot selling 3D printers, a printing blog duel, Stratasys expanding, corrugated printing, Stratasys and Graphene Tech partnership, digitally printed packaging, the Flint Group sustainability report, metallic printing, Japanese printed electronics and navy 3D printing.

Samsung Printing Solutions goes digital
To raise awareness about its printing brand within the global B2B market, Samsung Electronics strengthens its digital marketing channel. The company has opened a LinkedIn page and updated its “Smart Catalog App”.
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Home Depot sells 3D printers
Home Depot Inc., the world’s largest home-improvement chain, is starting to sell 3D printers in stores for the first time. They now offer devices from MakerBot, a 3-D printer maker acquired by Stratasys Ltd. last year.
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Printing blog duel
Each month, Matthew Parker from the UK and Deborah Corn representing the USA formulate a topic question on the printing industry and both write posts in response. This round of duel deals with the question “What should printing companies sell?”.
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Stratasys expanding
In April Stratasys Ltd. had acquired Solid Concepts, North America’s largest provider of 3D printing, tooling, injection modeling and rapid prototyping services. Now they have announced plans to combine Solid Concepts and the other previously acquired company Harvest Technologies with their already existing service, Redeye.
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Corrugated printing
In this article, Simon Eccles deals with the technique of digital corrugated printing and its recent take-off after a couple of false starts in the last decade.
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Stratasys and Graphene Tech partner
The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Foundation has approved funding for different projects that join together American and Israeli companies. One of them includes Stratasys partnering with Graphene Technologies to develop Graphene enhanced 3D printing materials.
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Digitally printed packaging
M&S has announced to be the UK’s first retailer to use digital print for confectionery packaging. They claim that this allows small volumes of printed packaging to be produced enabling new products to be trialed in-store.
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Flint Group sustainability report
Flint Group, a printing and packaging supplier, has published its sustainability report for 2014. It provides economic, social and environmental data on the group’s sustainability performance over the last several years.
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Metallic printing
Manufacturer of decorative and functional coatings, Leonhard Kurz, has introduced a digital metal product that allows partial metallization. They claim that this produces a very high gloss level that is not achievable using metallic pigment inks.
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Japanese printed electronics
IDTechEx has recently visited the FineTech expo in Tokyo. In this article, they give an overview over the latest findings and updates from Japanese printed electronics companies.
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Navy 3D printing
After the U.S. navy installing a 3D printer on an amphibious assault ship for testing, Danish shipping giant Maersk is now experimenting with 3D printing as well. They have published a video showing how they want to use a 3D printer on a tanker vessel to allow the crew to print out spare parts on demand.
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