Future Links July 17th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a nature-inspired 3D printing design that reduces material and production times, Sharebot’s low-cost SLS system, the Print Talk 1.5 specification, OGX’s push for eco-friendlier labels, laser-technology for optimized on-packaging coding, customized retail marketing print products and the advantages of a soft-proofing system.

Nature-inspired designs lower 3D printing’s costs
When optimizing processes, it often pays off to see what solutions nature has come up with. For 3D printing, researchers at the University of Sheffield looked at insect wings to see how they could reduce material and production times. The trials were successful: the team was able to eliminate both the cost of the support material and the time needed for its removal.
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Sharebot announces low-cost SLS system
It was clear that the price for SLS 3D printing systems would come down but the time and the company that would first bring a low-cost SLS system to market remained the subject of speculation. Not anymore: Arturo Donghi, Sharebot’s CEO, announced today that the SnowWhite is now in pre-order, at a special price of 17,500 Euro for their beta tester program, with delivery time scheduled for September.
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CIP4 releases Print Talk 1.5 specification
PrintTalk and JDF are the open standards for process automation in the print industry. The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) just announced the release of the PrintTalk 1.5 Schema and Reference Implementation. PrintTalk is a specification for the exchange of print eCommerce information between customer systems, Web-to-print eCommerce systems and print estimating, scheduling and MIS.
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Hair care brand reduces environmental impact with greener labels
After L’Oréal, Vogue International, the maker of OGX hair care products, has also decided to work with label-maker Avery Dennison to reduce the environmental impact of their pressure sensitive labels. Vogue’s OGX hair products will feature Avery Dennison’s Global MDO film. Vogue International is also working with the WS Packaging Group towards the same goal.
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Laser technology can optimize on-packaging coding
As technology has become more advanced laser coding is increasingly seen as an option for coding on packaging. This is especially important in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry. Lasers are also help at other points in the packaging process, for example for quality control and monitoring line conditions that help keep packaging lines running efficiently.
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Print provider for UK retailers offers fully customized brochures
Print provider G and H has teamed up with retail chain Nisa to launch what it describes as a ‘revolutionary’ retail print offering. Nisa stores will have the opportunity to order fully customized product brochures and discount vouchers in color. The customized items are produced using a Goss Web Offset Press with Kodak Prosper four color inkjet heads.
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Soft proofing system allows convenient sharing and color accuracy
Getting the proof of the printed product for release used to be an important step in the communication between printer and client. With the advent of PDFs, getting proofs has been reduced to a series of emails with attachments where changes sometimes got lost and color accuracy was not always guaranteed. A soft proofing system can help solve these issues and provide additional value to the client.
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