Future Links July 23rd 2014

This is our daily news collection from the printing industry. Today we have for you a new system for printing electronics, price development for Italian paper, internet retail packaging, 3D paper printing, a new cigarette packaging law, a study on inorganic and composite printed electronics, a sustainability partnership, a recap of Expoprint 2014, the pet food packaging market and investment in inkjet printheads.

New system for printing electronics
With German Neotech AMT GmbH another company has released a new 3D printed electronics system. The LBS 45XE is capable of printing complex circuitry on almost any 3D surface and can be applied on low temperature substrates such as polycarbonate.
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Price development for Italian paper
Italian manufacturers of woodfree coated paper have announced that they will increase their selling prices by September. With this, they want to bring their margins back to a more reasonable level.
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Internet retail packaging
Different to earlier assumptions, the decline in traditional retailing and the rise of internet retailing has boosted the packaging industry. In this article, Liz Wilks from Asia Pulp & Paper shares her view on current trends in internet retail packaging.
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From flat to 3D paper
Arab Printing Press (APP) of Lebanon is taking its paper printing knowledge to the next level and has bought a full-color 3D printer that fabricates physical objects from CAD designs with standard A4 paper. For this process, a blade cuts out each layer of a print from a single piece of paper that is then glued to the next.
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New cigarette packaging law
Recently, Australia had introduced plain packaging for cigarettes and Indonesia is introducing regulations on liquor packaging. Now, cigarette packs in Thailand as well will have to be covered with graphic health warnings.
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Inorganic and composite printed electronics
A new study focuses on the different technologies in the field of printed electronics as well as nanoparticle metal  inks and critically compares the options, trends and emerging applications.
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Sustainability partnership
Two Sides North America Inc and the Canadian Printing Industries Association have signed an agreement to form an allied organization. Together, they will promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper products in the Canadian market.
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Expoprint 2014: A recap
Yesterday, the Expoprint Latin America, the largest printing trade show in the Americas this year, ended in Brazil. Hamilton Terni Costa from WhatTheyThink shares his impressions of the event.
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Pet food packaging market
According to a study by the Freedonia Group, the United States’ demand for pet food packaging will rise 4.8 % annually to 2.5 billion $ in 2018.  This is based on the use of higher-value packaging and continued strength in pet food shipments.
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Investment in inkjet printheads
Epson will increase the production capacity of its PrecisionCore inkjet printheads that are used primarily in office, commercial and industrial inkjet printers. The are investing about 10 billion yen in production lines at its Suwa Minami and Tohoku Epson production sites in Japan.
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