Future Links July 28th 2014

This is our daily news collection from the printing industry. Today we have for you 3D printing for pipelines, printed cameras, concerns about plain packaging, German patent infringement, a new sublimation ink, printing larger objects than the printer, Amcor joining recycling program and Henkel working with Comexi.

3D printing for pipelines
Oil and gas safety is extremely important as pipelines can fail due to defects such as cracks or dents. Now, Industrial Inspection Systems from Canada is using 3D printing to provide automated non-destructive testing and examination solutions.
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Printed cameras
The National Science Foundation of China has awarded Dr. Felice Torrisi, a scientist in Graphene Technology, with a research fellowship. The aim of the project is to look at how graphene and two-dimensional materials could enable a technology for printing cheap flexible cameras.
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Concerns about plain packaging
According to recently disclosed government documents, confectionary giant Mars had written to the Department of Health to express concerns about plain packaging. The company was afraid it would be introduced to other sectors including food and drink suppliers.
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German patent infringement
Canon is filing a patent infringement complaint in Germany with the District Court of Düsseldorf. They sue Thomas Zenkel, owner of the domain „tintenalarm.de,“ for infringement of the German portion of Canon’s European patent 2 087 407.
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New sublimation ink
Xennia Technology has introduced a range of sublimation inks for polyester fabric inkjet printing using both coated and uncoated transfer papers. The product can be used with Kyocera and Epson printhead based systems.
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Print larger objects than printer
In the past, many extremely large 3D printers have been introduced to market. The Indian company CCTech has taken a different approach and launched a CAD plugin that works by dividing the designs of large objects into smaller connectable pieces.
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Amcor joins recycling program
Rigid plastic packaging manufacturer Amcor has joined The Recycling Partnership, a collaborative, industry funded initiative to support recycling in the United Stated. Other members so far are for example Alcoa Foundation, American Chemistry Council, American Forest & Paper Association and Sonoco Products.
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Henkel works with Comexi
Henkel India has chosen the Comexi Group, a specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging industry, as a partner. Together, they want to start the first professional training academy and demo center for flexible packaging in India, Middle East and Africa.
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