Future Links July 29th 2014

Today our daily news collection from the printing industry covers another manufacturer and Amazon adopting 3D printing, ink cost estimation, German folding boxes, NZ packaging empire selling, the Golden Pixel Award, inkjet evaluation, a healthcare packaging acquisition, a giant 3D printer and TriMas expanding.

Another manufacturer adopts 3D
Many tooling and machining companies are beginning to understand that 3D printing is less than a danger of eliminating their businesses entirely than a necessary part of the prototyping process. Now, tooling and manufacturing company James Tool as well has started offering 3D printing services in order to stay relevant within its industry sector.
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Amazon as well joins 3D
Amazon will launch an online store for 3D printed items that allows consumers to customize and personalize items like jewelry. They company will work with companies that make 3D printed items such as Mixee Labs and Sculpteo.
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Ink cost estimation
When calculating the ink price for high-speed or high-speed sheetfed inkjet presses a basic analysis simply won’t do. This article takes a look at the incredibly complex area when comparing rival systems and the bigger picture beyond the ink price.
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German folding boxes
According to the German folding box association “Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie”, the German industry in this sector is the leading one in Europe. They report production numbers to be stable at a high level. This information is taken from a German article.
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NZ packaging empire selling
After having built the world’s largest packaging empire, Graeme Hart is considering asset sales worth US7.9 billion $ to reduce debts and test the waters for selling his remaining businesses.
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Golden Pixel Award
There is two months left to enter the Austrian Golden Pixel Award 2014 for innovative printing projects. The award ceremony will be held in Vienna on 10th November.
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Inkjet evaluation
In the past, most print companies relied mainly on offset technology. Now print pattern is shifting towards high speed inkjet systems that produce high volumes in transaction, direct mail and books. This blog post considers the reasons for the current shift in printing.
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Healthcare packaging acquisition
Nelipak Corporation has bought the Debond Corporation (Flexpak). The new company will operate under the name of Nelipak Healthcare Packaging.
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Giant 3D printer
Yesterday, we reported the launch of a new program that allows printing objects larger than the actual printer. But that might not even be necessary with this one: Japanese company GenKei presented a 4-meter tall printer designed for printing architectural elements, full scale furniture, products, and life size figures.
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TriMas expanding
TriMas Corporation has acquired Lion Holdings for 27m USD. The acquisition is supposed to broaden the company’s Asian market coverage.
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