Future Links July 4th 2014

This is our daily news roundup from the printing industry. Today with stricter EU recycling targets, a new Xerox president, green coffee cups, 4D printing, new regulations for solvent-contaminated wipes, Shoalhaven paper mill in closing danger, cheaply printed solar panels, and Dows‘ recycle rally.

EU sets stricter recycling targets
The EU introduces stricter recycling targets that put pressure on the packaging industry. For example, recycling and preparing for reuse of packaging waste is to be increased to 80 % by 2030.
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New Xerox president
Jeff Jacobson has been appointed president of Xerox’s Technology Business and succeeds Armando Zagalo de Lima. He had joined the company in February 2012 and been instrumental in the expansion of Xerox’s inkjet portfolio.
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Green your cup
About 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are used only in the UK each year. Martin Myerscough has found a way to make a small difference in the way cups are produced that can significantly reduce the monumental waste.
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From 3 to 4D printing
3D printing offers tremendous benefits such as freedom of geometry and supports the personalization of products. However, parts are static and built for a specific purpose. 4D printing takes the process a step further, allowing printed parts to physically or chemically change by responding to their surroundings.
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New regulations for solvent-contaminated wipes
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency passed new hazardous waste regulations. This blog article lists nine different aspects you need to consider when cleaning equipment at your printing operation.
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Shoalhaven paper mill in closing danger
Australian Paper’s Shoalhaven mill is under serious threat of closing after struggling with lower demand and competition from cheap overseas imports.
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Cheaply printed solar panels
Solar panels are still too expensive in comparison to other energy sources. This could change if they were made out of plastic instead of silicon and could be printed in a flexible material. Researchers just made an important discovery on the way to accomplish this technology.
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Recycle rally
Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics has launched an awareness campaign challenging consumers to decrease their environmental impact. The 30-day challenge intends to help people build better recycling habits.
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