Future Links July 9th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature opportunities for print in the digital world, FormFutura’s new carbon filament, an online printing portal aiming to support local printing businesses, a new image campaign by the U.S. paper and packaging industry, silver-nanoparticles for printed electronics, Karl Lagerfeld’s 3D printed Chanel suit and packaging that resonates with Millennials.

Print presents great opportunities in a digital world
Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with marketing expert Andrew Davis to present a webinar called “The future of digital is print”. Davis provides a series of examples illustrating why printers should choose quality over quantity and how they can take advantage of the content continuum.
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FormFutura introduces new carbon filament
PLA and ABS are the most common plastic filament materials but many projects require something more durable. FormFutura developed a new filament with a blend of HDglass compound, further enhanced with 20 percent light, long carbon strings. CarbonFil has the look and feel of carbon and is available in 2.85 mm and 1.75 mm.
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Online printing portal aims to support local firms
YouInk is a printing marketplace that started out in late 2014 with the ambition to become the Expedia or Priceline of printing services. The U.S. printing market generates revenue of about 83 billion USD per year but is highly fragmented. YouInk wants to show users where to get the best price and service locally.
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Paper and packaging industry launches image campaign
“How life unfolds” is the title of a U.S. cross-media consumer campaign that was funded with a 20 million USD investment from the paper and packaging industry. The campaign integrates traditional media including 30-second commercials, print advertising and a digital presence.
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Scientists create silver-nanoparticles for printed electronics
Silver has long been considered an ideal material for printed electronics because of its conductivity and its ability to stay cool. Engineers at Oregon State University have found a way to fabricate silver for printed electronics at room temperature. Possible applications include microelectronics, sensors, energy devices, low emissivity coatings and transparent displays.
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Karl Lagerfeld unveils 3D printed futuristic Chanel suit
Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has surprised its audience with a 3D printed futuristic version of the classic Chanel suit at the Paris Fashion show. The suit featured 3D printed elements such as square-cut shoulders that were created using selective laser sintering technology.
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The keys to packaging that resonates with Millennials
Millennials are a consumer group with ever increasing spending power. Packaging designers who want to connect with this group need to be aware of the key motivators, drivers and values in this group’s buying decisions.
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