Future Links March 18th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the continued success of print marketing, an open operating system for 3D printers, an expected price hike for woodfree paper in Germany, Toyo Ink’s presence in Southeast Asia, new recyclable labels for PET bottles, seals to protect against counterfeit wines and spirits and highlights of round one of the print fight club.

The continued success of print marketing
Direct mail marketing is still the most successful and measurable form of advertising available today, argues Gregg Zegras, President, Imagitas, Pitney Bowes in an article. He points to the recent revival of JC Penny’s print catalogue and gives advice on how to make the best of existing print marketing opportunities.
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Open operating system for 3D printers launched
In the past months, many different 3D printing hubs and printing services have been established. While diversity is not necessarily a disadvantage in a fast developing field, many applications were incompatible with others, making it difficult to change providers or platforms. A new cloud-based open 3D printer operating system aims at changing this: The platform will allow users to 3D print from virtually anywhere and collaborate on designs.
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Prices for uncoated woodfree paper in Germany may increase
Manufacturers of woodfree uncoated paper announced that they might increase their prices as early as April. The price hike is expected to apply to all uncoated paper grades including A and B-grade cut sizes as well as colored papers.
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Toyo Ink strengthens market presence in Southeast Asia
Toyo Ink has merged its two wholly-owned subsidiaries in Taiwan to strengthen and deepen the company’s market presence in the country, as well as in China and across Southeast Asia. The company aims to improve product development and customer response time.
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New labels for bottles with improved form and function
Striking looks and recyclability don’t always go together. Now, SpearRC is offering a technology that combines the benefits of pressure sensitive labels without the recycling contamination of traditional materials. The SpearRC solution includes including clear, white and metalized film material options.
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New seal offers greater protection against counterfeit wine and spirits
Exquisite wines and spirits are cherished by collectors and connoisseurs and often serve as a financial investment. Unfortunately, counterfeit products are not unheard of in this field. Tesa has developed its tesa BevSeal specifically for the wine and spirits industry to offer reliable protection against the refilling of original bottles, bottle counterfeiting and grey-market trading.
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Highlights of round one of the print fight club
The first round of Media Centr’s print fight club was titled “Will Print Management Services KILL In-House/Agency Buyers, Or Save Them?” During heated discussions, the main points became clear including the argument that print Management Services are here to stay.
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