Future Links May 11th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a faster way to print in 3D, fashion’s expected print makeover, security challenges through new technologies, the importance of print for one’s personal brand, Epson’s print and play stations in London, plastic packaging and ocean pollution and Antalis’ new distribution contract for Polyart paper.

The race for speed continues
Lately, new and faster methods of 3D printing have received a lot of news coverage. But while most new fast 3D printer aim at the industrial market, this new invention by the company Create it Real aims at the desktop printer market. The 3D real time processor board can serve as the main brain for both FFF/FDM and SLA 3D printers and is built for speed, among other capabilities.
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Fashion gets a 3D printed makeover
Fashion shows and designers are embracing 3D printing as a way to distinguish themselves. But how is 3D printing actually transforming the world of haute couture? A new graphic representation shows how fashion materials, design and production will change in the future.
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3D printing brings security challenges for companies
With 3D printing, the cost of counterfeiting falls dramatically, giving cyber criminals and intellectual property thieves even more incentive to breach companies’ networks and steal or modify product designs. This is a challenge for corporate IT security. They have to strengthen their security measures and find a way to distinguish their products from counterfeits.
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The importance of print for one’s personal brand
When launching or advancing one’s career, it is crucial to establish a strong personal brand. This is often done with digital means but printed products have more staying power and are often more memorable. Ideally, printed personal brand materials are integrated with one’s digital presence.
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Epson installs print and play station in London
Epson announces a dedicated ‘Print and Pay’ station within the Calumet’s flagship store in London’s Drummond Street. Customers including professional photographers and artists wanting to print limited edition prints can take advantage of the new dedicated area within the store. Large format prints from A2/13in through to A1/24in can be printed on a choice of media including Epson Traditional Photo Paper.
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Antalis becomes sole distributor for green synthetic paper
Antalis has been appointed the exclusive distributor for the environmentally-friendly range of synthetic paper, Polyart, which are manufactured by sister company, ArjoBex. Polyart is water and tear resistant, with print properties that ensure rich images and quick drying. The paper can be printed by offset, flexo, thermal transfer, and digital technologies.
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