Future Links May 18th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature BMW’s plans to use HP’s 3D printer, UPS’ distributed 3D printed parts delivery network, the butterfly effect and other phenomenon in the printing industry, Adcraft Label’s award winning work, a study on the power of print, RR Donnelley’s RFID packaging solutions and the implementation of plain tobacco packaging laws.

BMW and Nike are testing HP’s industrial 3D printer
When HP presented its first 3D printer, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution, big brand names like Nike, BMW and Johnson & Johnson were eager to see how HP’s new technology can improve their business and processes. BMW plans to integrate HP’s printing system into future production of serial parts and personal customization, according to Jens Ertel, head of BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Center.
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UPS and SAP are partnering to bring 3D printed parts to customers
One of the advantages of 3D printing technology is the speed with which prototypes or replacement parts can be manufactured. Now, SAP and UPS are partnering to ensure that their clients can benefit from the speedier process. UPS is launching a distributed network that will enable customers to order and get 3D printed parts quickly, even within a day in some cases. The service may include additional features in the future, such as checking whether a part can be ordered from a supplier or whether it is more economical and faster to print it.
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Adcraft Labels win 14 PIASC Print Excellence Awards
Adcraft Labels has won a series of awards at the Printing Industries Association of Southern California competition. One of Adcraft’s accomplishments includes being recognized with two Best of Category awards acknowledging exemplary work in developing high quality flexographic printing. Another award was given in the Labels and Wraps category.
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Research shows print is an important channel in marketing mix
To establish how important the print channel was in the overall marketing mix, Independent News & Media (INM) commissioned an Econometrics study, which spanned three years of research across 20 million data points. The study showed that every 1 Euro spent in print advertising returns up to 39 Euros for the retail sector. The study yielded a number of interesting results, including the finding that print advertising is up to twice as effective as TV advertising in delivering return on investment in the automotive sector.
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RR Donnelley develops packaging solutions with RFID specialist
RR Donnelley, one of the biggest players in printed media, announced that it would develop smart packaging in partnership with SMARTRAC, a company specializing in RFID technology. Together, RRD and SMARTRAC have developed a method for manufacturing RAIN inlays using two distinct components that do not need to be adhered together, according to the companies. This new development will bring about new opportunities for value-added products and services.
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Plain tobacco packaging comes into effect
The standardized tobacco pack law comes into effect on May 20 in the UK, following the lead of Australia, which implemented the law in December 2012. Companies will have until May 20, 2017 to ensure the changes are fully implemented after the EU Tobacco Products Directive was passed in May 2015 which also means packaging must be standardized, with packs having the same color, opening and font. Ten-packs of cigarettes will also be prohibited.
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