Future Links May 20th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Huhtamaki’s acquisition of Delta Print, HP’s printer printing itself, Agfa’s new platesetter for newspapers, sustainable packaging made of silk, Techkon’s new color measuring devices, Prodway’s launch of a luxury 3D printing business unit and new on the drupa blog: drupa innovation park 2016 – smart business models in focus.

Huhtamaki buys Delta Print in multimillion Euro deal
The Finnish company Huhtamaki has acquired Delta Print and Packaging and entered the folding carton packaging market in Europe. Delta Print and Packaging is a folding carton packaging manufacturer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It specializes in customized printed folding carton packaging for the UK and European foodservice, packaged food and retail markets. Huhtamaki has also acquired the affiliated Polish business European Packaging Solutions Poland, which operates a new manufacturing unit in Gliwice. The purchase price is estimated to be more than 100 million Euros. Both companies are suppliers to McDonalds.
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HP advertises printer that prints itself
After HP introduced its new Jet Fusion 3D 3200 and Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printers, we wrote about how BMW and Nike are testing the printers and will possibly use them in their production processes. Now, HP has revealed another interesting fact about its new 3D printers: HP says up to 50 % of the custom plastic parts for the Jet Fusion 3D printers, for example, will be printed and produced with the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer system itself.
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Agfa launches affordable platesetters for newspapers
Agfa Graphics is launching a series of lower priced engines that focus on CTP technology for newspaper web-offset printing. Advantage N Essentials is based on the Advantage N, yet is a more basic series of CTP engines for newspaper pre-press, according to the company. Depending on the degree of automation that printers need, they can choose between the semi-automatic Advantage N-eSA or the fully automated Advantage N-eTR.
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Researchers work on sustainable packaging made of silk
The concept is similar to spray-on sunscreen: A team of biomedical engineers at Tufts University developed a spray made of fibroin, a protein found in silk, that coats produce directly in contact with the skin, keeping it fresher longer. The researchers hope that the spray can not only reduce plastic waste if made available on an industrial scale but food waste as well.
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Techkon shows new color measuring devices at drupa 2016
Techkon, a German manufacturer of color measuring devices and software solutions for quality control will show its New Generation series of the SpectroDens and SpectroDrive measurement devices at drupa 2016. SpectroDens combines the qualities of a highly accurate spectrophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer. It is provided with a high-resolution spectral engine and complies with the standards valid for the Graphic Industry.
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Prodways starts 3D printing division for luxury goods industry
The Prodways Group has launched ‘Les Créations’, its new luxury, design, art, and architecture division. Les Créations will 3D print prototypes, molds, unique parts, and both series and pre-series parts, with an emphasis on a ‘Made in France’ label. The newly formed division will support clients across the entire lifespan of a 3D printed product, from its initial sketch to its final 3D printed incarnation, according to the company.
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New on the drupa blog: dip 2016 – smart business models in focus
To the tune of 130 exhibitors will be presenting their innovations related to workflow, automation, print technologies and their strategic cooperation models, marketing platforms and business models at the drupa innovation park in six theme parks, in the freely accessible stage program and in daily interviews at the dip energy lounge. More in the article

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